Why have star signs changed? Ophiuchus becomes 13th zodiac symbol

YOUR star sign may change with the inclusion of the new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus.

But why have the star signs changed? Here is everything you'll need to know…

Why have star signs changed?

A resurfaced NASA blog post claimed that there are actually 13 Zodiac signs – not 12.

The constellation has always existed but was never included in the zodiac wheel.

Relationships between the constellation placements in the sky and their movement around the sign were studied along with the 12 calendar months and so star signs were born. 

Astrologists who read the star signs in accordance with the constellations and not the 12 month calendar can include Ophiuchus in their readings.

When were the star signs first recorded?

The origins of the zodiac go back approximately 2,500 years when the Babylonians divided the sky into 12 sections. 

These sections coincide with the 12 calendar months. 

Have the constellations moved?

Yes the constellations have moved since the Babylonians discovered them.

The Earth's axis has altered since the Zodiac signs were coined – meaning all the constellations are now in slightly different places in the sky. 

But the change is only very small.

What is the new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus?

Ophiuchus is the name of the 13th constellation that has been part of the Sun’s path in the sky.

The symbol is commonly represented by a man bearing a snake.

People with this new sign are known for intense curiosity, openness, passion as well as their fierce jealousy.

More trains include having a great sense of humour and an eagerness to learn.

The Ophiuchus zodiac sign is also very attached to family life and dreams of living happily ever.

What are the new dates?

If you choose to base the zodiac wheel on the constellations and include Ophiuchus, the sign would be wedged between Sagittarius and Scorpio.

The inclusion of this sign changes the dates of all other star signs.

  • Capricorn: January 20th to February 16th
  • Aquarius: February 16th to March 11th
  • Pisces: March 11th to April 18th
  • Aries: April 18th to May 13th
  • Taurus: May 13th to June 21st
  • Gemini: June 21st to July 20th
  • Cancer: July 20th to August 10th
  • Leo: August 10th to September 16th
  • Virgo: September 16th to October 30th
  • Libra: October 30th to November 23rd
  • Scorpio: November 23rd to November 29th
  • Ophiuchus: November 29th to December 17th
  • Sagittarius: December 17th to January 20th

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