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THE Goonies was released in 1985 and is still one of the most revered films of all time.

The movie has acquired a cult following through the years, with fans identifying with the characters.

Where are The Goonies cast now?

Fans have often been left wondering what happened to the cast of the Steven Spielberg coming-of-age classic since the film premiered in 1985.

Many of the actors have kept up their careers in film and TV – but others have led a more quiet life in the decades gone by.

See what Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and the rest of gang are up to these days..

Josh Brolin as Brand

Josh Brolin, 53, is probably one of the most successful actors spawned from The Goonies.

Son of the actor James Brolin, Josh is well known for starring in the Marvel movies as supervillian Thanos.

His other acting credits include Men In Black 3 (2012) and Deadpool 2 (2018).

He's been married a few times – with his most recent wedding being to current wife, Kathryn Boyd in 2018.

Brolin has four kids – two whom he had with ex-wife Alice Adair, and two he welcomed with Kathryn.

Sean Astin as Mikey

Sean was just 14 years old when he took on the role of the adorable Mikey, leader of The Goonies.

The actor, who is now 50, then went on to play Sam in the blockbuster Lord Of The Rings trilogy and rack up many other credits in TV and movies.

In 2019 he appeared in the last ever season of The Big Bang Theory.

He also played Bob Newby in the hit series Stranger Things, and voiced Raphael in the TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In 1992, he and wife Christine Harrell tied the knot.

The duo have three children together.

Jeff Cohen as Chunk

Who can forget Chunk and his famous 'truffle shuffle' and him shouting "hey you guys!".

The actor who played him, Jeff Cohen, now 47, couldn't be more different to Chunk.

He racked up a few acting credits after The Goonies – including as Francis in the 1987 TV short Popeye and Son, and voicing Grunt in the movie Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (1988).

His last acting credit came in 1991, when he voiced Ward in the TV Movie Perfect Harmony.

The former child star gave up acting to be attorney, and is now a successful LA lawyer.

Corey Feldman as Mouth

Corey Feldman, 49, is probably one of the most famous actors out of them all.

After The Goonies he appeared in other coming-of-age movies like the Stand By Me (1986) and The Lost Boys (1987).

Feldman voiced Slash in the TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and recently acted in the film The Sunday Night Slaughter (2020).

He's been married a few times – and wed Courtney Anne Mitchell in 2016.

Feldman has one son.

He was known for his friendship with fellow child star Corey Haim, who passed away in 2010.

Martha Plimpton as Stef

Martha Plimpton, 50, played the no nonsense Stef who caught the interest of Mouth.

The actress, who famously dated the late River Phoenix, has since found fame on TV.

Some of her most notable shows include Younger, The Good Wife and The Real O'Neals.

In 2021 she starred in the movie Mas and voiced Yelena in Frozen II (2019).

Jonathan Ke Huy Quan as Data

Before The Goonies, Jonathan Ke Huy Quan, 49, had already found fame in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1984).

Over the years he has turned his attention to being a stunt coordinator.

His film work includes The X Men.

In 2021 he made a return to acting playing the role of George phan in the movie Finding 'Ohana.

In 2022, he received his first Golden globe nomination for the film Everything everywhere all at once.

John Matuszak as Sloth

Who can forget Chunk's buddy Sloth, who he found chained to a chair in a dark basement.

Before appearing on The Goonies, John Matuszak, 38, was an American football star.

He sadly died not long after the film was released and passed away in 1989.

Other characters that appeared included:

  • Kerri Green as Andy – Now 54, Kerri  Green played the quintessential 'pretty girl' in The Goonies and was the love interest of both Brand and Mikey. Since The Goonies, the actress has had parts in TV shows like ER and Law & Order.
  • Robert Davi as Jake – The 70-year-old actor has appeared in hundreds of films and TV shows since The Goonies wrapped filming, such as Die Hard and the James Bond film Licence to kill.
  • Anne Ramsey as Mama Fratelli – After The Goonies, Anne Ramsey starred in other madcap Hollywood films like 1987 comedy Throw Momma From The Train. Sadly the actress passed away in 1988 at the age of 59.
  • Mary Ellen Trainor as Mrs. Walsh – After The Goonies Mary Ellen Trainor was best known for starring in the Lethal Weapon movies. She passed away in 2015 at the age of 62.

How can I watch The Goonies?

The Goonies is available to buy or rent places including Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.


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