What’s In The Forever 21 x Cheetos Collab? This Drop Will Have You Looking Like A Snack

When asked my favorite food to consume after a long night out on the town, the answer is always the same: Cheetos, yum. That said, I usually save my Cheeto-loving for after I go out — but now that I’ve heard about Forever 21’s latest collection, that’s all about to change. What’s in the Forever 21 x Cheetos collab, you ask? Some ~flamin’ hot~ (See what I did there? Cheeto pun!) styles inspired by the iconic snack, that you can wear out to the bars and afterwards for your late night snack sesh. Orange crumb-covered fingertips not included.

Granted, I neither saw this line coming, nor realized I needed it (I’m still a little unsure on the latter, TBH), but seeing as Forever 21 has been dropping a ton of unique collaborative collections lately, I should’ve guessed they’d have a snack theme in the works. From Pepsi to USPS, Forever 21 is all about creating wild, unexpected collabs and cute, wearable pieces! I much prefer eating Cheetos to getting my mail, though, so the Cheetos collab ranks higher in my book than the USPS line did, and I don’t drink soda, so sry, Pepsi. The Cheetos collab is the winner!

Plus, I mean, the stuff is really cute:

Anybody want to start a fire Cheetos girl gang with me? Anyone?

What’s the Cheetos version of a thirst trap outfit? A snack trap? Into it:

OK, OK, but for real — this stuff is cute and wearable! Orange is a major color trend for summer 2019, and the Cheetos logo and "Flamin’ Hot" catchphrase work well on slogan tees and crop tops.

My personal fave is the Cheetos Graphic Cropped Tee ($18, forever21.com), which bears the saying, "It’s not easy being cheesy." Amen to that, sis:

Cheetos Graphic Cropped Tee


Forever 21

Am I thinking too far in advance if I buy the Cheetos Graphic Tube Dress ($28, forever21.com) as my 2019 Halloween Costume?

Cheetos Graphic Tube Dress


Forever 21

The collection has everything — and I mean everything — a Cheetos-lover could ask for. I’m talking tees, tanks, bodysuits, underwear, socks, slides, sunnies, hats, and more. And by more, I mean a blow horn and a beach towel. Literally, I dare you to think of something else they should’ve included. They thought of everything.

All this time I’ve been on the hunt for a bedazzled, snack-inspired tee to wear whilst operating my blow horn. Thank you, Forever 21, for answering my prayers!

I truly wasn’t sure what the often-harsh Internet might think of this seemingly random collection, but it turns out everyone is loving it.

Nothing brings people together like a shared love of Cheetos!

"I will look like a snack in this," wrote one follower on Instagram, another declaring, "Only @forever21 could do this and pull it off." The comment sections on all the Cheetos-related posts are primarily filled with users tagging Cheetos-loving friends, with notes like "You need this," and "This is so you." Still waiting for someone to tag me, TBH, but it’s whatever. I’m buying the clothes either way. If you feel the same, you can shop the collection now online on the Forever 21 site.

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