What you see first in this optical illusion will determine if your career is more important than relationships

DO you think you put your relationships first or your career?

An optical illusion claims to be able to identify what you truly feel deep down, and it’s based on what you see first in the image.

YouTube channel Bright Side shared a clip that can be viewed two ways – so what do you see first?

Many people were split on whether they saw two cats or a dog first.

The video explains: “Do you see two cats here? You must be happily in love.

“You can share anything with your partner and they make you a better version of you.”

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Some people are able to see a pooch first, and the channel also explained what that means too.

They said: “Do you see a dog here?

“Your career and self-improvement are more important to you than relationships at the moment.

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“Use this time to learn and grow and enjoy it.”

Many people were quick to comment, with one saying: “I saw both at the same time.”

Another added: “I love the Optical illusion videos!”

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