What you see first in this optical illusion reveals your biggest fear – are you scared of being ridiculed or loneliness? | The Sun

WHAT you see first in this optical illusion reveals whether your biggest fear is being ridiculed or being alone. 

A psychology whizz took to their social media account to challenge viewers to identify whether they could see the image of the man or the rat first. 

He asked: “What affects you most? If you first saw a rodent then you’re most afraid of humiliation and ridicule. 

“Pity and mockery are the worst things for you – it often robs you of your confidence and value as a human being.” 

He went on to share that this type of person always strives to be independent and self-reliant. 

“The idea of having to ask someone for help and being reliant on them is extremely difficult for you,” TikTok user @psychologylove101 said. 

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You’re also afraid to lose control of any aspect of your life and reject any influence that’s been imposed on you. 

He said that you’re also someone who puts a huge amount of effort into your self-development and are often the person who takes responsibility at work, too. 

“You invest your time and yourself in making every task a reality,” he added. 

Meanwhile, if you first saw the profile of a face, this means your biggest fear is being lonely and you prefer to be surrounded by people. 

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He shared: “You treat others as a kind of insurance.

“You usually manage just fine without others, but you need to know that you have someone to rely on when you need them.

“When you’re alone, you’re paralysed by fear.” 

People were quick to flock to the comments section of the post as one person wrote: “Face I see, it’s true!”

Another shared: “that's me! I always tell my daughter's to let me do everything by myself, it's not because I don't like help but,that means I'm healthy and happy”. 

A third posted: “I saw profile. On point. But I love and can be alone”. 

While a fourth added: “Face and profile.Not really, I don't mind being alone,” followed by a smiling face emoji. 

What did you see first? 

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