What you see first in optical illusion reveals if you’re honest & confident or more critical

INTERNET users were stunned by an optical illusion that reportedly reveals if you're straightforward and confident, or critical and independent.

A few sheepish viewers admitted their experiences with the illusion might have been skewed – because their posture contributed more to their perspective than personality.

The illusion was shared by the YouTube channel Bright Side, which shares brainteasers, puzzles, fun facts, and personality quizzes.

Commenters were amazed by the razor-sharp precision of the assessment.

Introducing the illusion, the video's narrator explained there are two animals hidden in the image.

"Most people see a frog right away," the narrator said.


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If you see the frog first, you have a straightforward personality, he added.

"You try to be honest and direct with others no matter what," the narrator said.

That attitude has a positive impact on how others see you.

"You're perceived as confident, trustworthy, and reliable.

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"There are no hidden messages in your words, which is why people can trust your opinion and advice."

On the other hand, those whose attention is first drawn to the horse are thoughtful individuals.

"If you're one of them, you have an analytical mind," the narrator continued.

"You don't take things for what they seem to be. You have a critical approach to life and prefer to reach your own conclusions about a situation."

In the comments section, thousands weighed in on the accuracy of the insights.

"Absolutely me 100 percent. Well done to you who came up with the test," one impressed viewer wrote.

"I saw the frog and I'm the opposite of the description," a different person dismissed.

One commenter admitted that their perspective was skewed – literally – by the way they were sitting in their chair.

"I was already leaning to the left," they said. "That's why saw the horse first."

"I saw a bird, so am I not normal?" another confused viewer wrote.

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And even though the personality test summed up some people right away, others were left with more questions than answers.

"I saw a horse that had a nose that looks like a frog," a befuddled viewer wrote. "How can I understand my personality?"

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