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IF SEX is feeling a bit flat in the bedroom then you might want to spice things up – like taking things to your feet with the Upstanding Citizen.

The sex position is named for the stance you’ll take while getting things going, but be prepared to draw upon your arm and abdominal strength.

1) What is the Upstanding Citizen sex position?

The Upstanding Citizen is a position in which both partners will be upright and is the perfect call for against-the-wall sex.

It has the benefit of grinding up against each other to achieve pelvic and clitoral stimulation. 

It combines closeness and intimacy with an explosive finish.

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2) How do you perform the upstanding citizen sex position?

To begin this position, both partners need to stand up and face each other. 

The woman should then straddle her partner, wrapping their legs around his body.

The man should support his partner with his arms, ideally from underneath or around the waist. 

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The position benefits from penetration as well as being able to grind up against one another.

It's a good idea to start from the bed if you're feeling a bit apprehensive.

But it’s guaranteed that a standing end will be explosive for both of you.

3) Is the Upstanding Citizen sex position safe?

The Upstanding Citizen is safe to perform.

If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive, you can start things on the bed before moving against the wall.

And if the man’s arms get tired, the woman can perch her bum on top of something to give added support.

Want to reach fever pitch between the sheets with some more moves? We've got you covered, with plenty other options too.

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