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PAINTING your home can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the space.

It's a great way to update certain areas easily and you can create the foundation for a flawless paint job – by adding paint primer to your list of decorating must haves.

What is paint primer?

Paint primer may be an extra step in the painting process, but the benefits outweigh the extra work – and allows you to get the job done quicker.

Paint primer is used to act as a base coat to protect the paint you are about to use – leaving you with a professional looking finish.

The primer allows the paint to not only stick better, but to also last longer – allowing for a smooth and seamless paint application.

It covers repairs and blocks and conceals stains, ensuring that no imperfections bleed through the freshly painted finish.


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And for those who find painting tedious or just want to get the job done as quickly as possible – primer creates a uniform base which means you can get the job done in fewer coats.

When do I need to use paint primer?

Before you open up your paint colour of choice, there are a number of reasons to consider using paint primer.

If you're switching from a darker colour to a lighter one, then using two coats of primer will help to brighten up the room.

When it comes to renovating humid areas such as a bathroom, primer will help to protect the paint from mildew and leaching.

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Paint primer is also especially helpful when painting a wall that has been repaired or has stains that you want to block – the primer will act as an adhesive allowing the paint stick better, creating the perfect cover up.

According to Hunker there are a few different times primer might be especailly useful including when painting over wallpaper, wood panelling or dark colours.

How many coats of paint primer do I need?

There is no set rule on how many coats of paint primer to apply.

It will generally depend on the material and the condition of the walls you're painting.

If the area you are painting is in good condition and the colour change is one that is subtle, then one coat of primer will be sufficient.

However, if the wall has a porous surface, you're painting over a darker colour or want a glossier paint finish, then two coats of paint primer will work best.

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