What is Hair Porosity and How That Translates to Your Hair [Test & Tips]

It starts with you noticing that your hair is getting thinner. Then, you color your hair, and you are unable to get the right gradient. Finally, you see you are shedding more hair than you usual. 

These are the signs of high hair porosity

What is Hair Porosity 

Hair porosity is a measure you use to determine the moisture of your hair. Measuring hair porosity is necessary when you want to treat your hair. 

There are three types of hair porosity, low, medium, and high. The low hair porosity and medium hair porosity is the type of hair you want to achieve. And, when you have high porosity, it means that you have to treat it. e

The treatment process can last from several months and even up to a few years. Of course, the sooner you test your hair porosity, the higher are chances to regenerate it. If you refuse to treat your hair, your hair will become even thinner, and you can even develop bald patches. 

Before you go into full panic mode, take a quick breath. First, test your hair porosity. 

How to Test Hair Porosity 

Testing hair porosity is simple. You can do it at your home, without buying any products. 

Hair treatment is all about understanding what your hair needs. And, to understand it, you can start looking at the mirror more. Enjoy your femininity and indulge in it. 

To do that, take the hair porosity first. 

Float Test 

Floate test is the most popular hair porosity test. To do it, the only thing you need is a glass of water. You are going to pick a strand of your hair and put it into the glass. 

Observe how much time it takes for the hair to float down to the bottom of the glass. If it takes a few seconds, then you have high hair porosity. 

If your hair takes more time to dive down, it means you either have medium or low hair porosity. If you are uncertain how to do it, ask a friend to do it with you. 

Look at their hair, compare it to yours, and perform the test. The results should make your hair porosity obvious. 

Dry Test

Women also use the dry test to determine hair porosity. This test is less successful because of environmental and other effects on your hair. 

The dry test requires you to take a strand of your hair and see if it breaks with ease. If the strand breaks with ease, it means you have high hair porosity. 

Now that you know your hair porosity, you can start hair porosity treatment.

How To Treat Hair Porosity 

Essentially, when you have low and medium hair porosity, your only duty is to keep it that way. If you have high hair porosity, you have to treat it with organic products and raw ingredients until it reaches the medium porosity level. 

Thus, you are going to have to invest time proportional to the porosity of your hair. 

Low Porosity Hair Treatment 

When you have low hair porosity, use organic hair care products and raw ingredients. The fastest way to treat the hair with low porosity is to use moisturizers and conditioners. Also, you can use jojoba or coconut oil. 

You can use conditioners and oils twice per week and moisturizers once a month. Make sure that the products you use consist of 80% water.  

Normal Porosity Hair Treatment 

The normal porosity hair requires that you use products more often. Ensure that you have conditioners, moisturizers, and shampoos to use weekly. You can add oils and butter, but only as a supplement to the treatment. 

Shampoos are products you often use, while you can use other products once per week. Read the labels, and pick organic products.  

High Porosity Hair Treatment 

When you have high hair porosity, treat with various products. Do proper research. Learn a lot about products before shopping. Consider buying shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, vitamin treatments, and raw ingredients. 

Look for products for your hair type first. Get a mix of products, and use them once per week every week. After three months, take the test. If there is no progress, switch out products, and try other hair care products. Test again, and repeat the process until you get satisfactory results. 

With that, you are ready to start high porosity hair treatment. But, start it after you learn some treatment tips. 

Hair Porosity Treatment Tips 

Aside from products, get to know how to treat your hair right. For that, learn to read product labels, stop coloring your hair. 

Coloring Hair 

Hair coloring is a harmful hair treatment. Each time your color your hair, the chemicals penetrate the follicles and scalp. 

With each coloring, you damage hair even further. When you want to treat hair porosity, avoid hair coloring at all costs. Low hair porosity is a characteristic of natural hair. 

So, avoid any form of chemical treatments for a while. After a year, you can color your hair again. 

Products Labels 

The next thing you want to perfect is reading product labels. A lot of products have the word organic on them, but they are far from organic. 

Always read product labels. The first sign of an organic product is a high concentration of water. And, organic products don’t have sulfates and acids – They have natural ingredients. 

Now, you are ready for natural hair treatment. 

Natural Hair Treatment

Treating hair is a lot of work. But, it’s rewarding work. 

However, once you get that beautiful hair, you are going to feel like never before. You deserve to feel like that.