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WHEN it comes to emojis there are hundreds to choose from to suit any situation, occasion or mood.

One of the newest additions to the list is the biting lip emoji. But what does it mean and when should you use it? Here's everything you need to know.

What does the biting lip emoji mean?

This exotic emoji can mean a number of things, and many may use the emoji according to their own interpretations.

The emoji is a mouth with the top teeth biting down on one side of the lower lip.

It is typically used in romantic contexts as a form of flirtation or arousal.

It can also mean expressing anticipation or excitement, as well as anxiety, pain, worry, or insecurity.

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The biting lip emoji is available on Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Emojipedia.

However, each emoji is designed slightly different on each platform.

How to use the biting lip emoji?

According to The Cut, the biting lip emoji should only be used to express arousal during flirty text exchanges.

But that's not all.

You can also use the icon to express a moment of excitement, panic, anxiety, as well as worry and uncertainty.

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The choice is really up to you and the context in which you are using this emoji.

One thing can be certain with emojis is that there are always new ones just around the corner.

And with the I0S 15.4 version came over 100 new emojis – as well as some changes to those that already existed.

One of the changes saw the Handshake emoji now available in multiple different skin tones.

Here's a look at some of the latest emojis available to use:

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