Viral video reveals how you can peel an egg in ten seconds using a glass of cold water

A VIRAL video has revealed how you can peel a hard-boiled egg in a matter of seconds using a glass of cold water.

The handy hack was shared by Twitter account Back To Nature where it has received over 80,000 views with people hailing the trick “genius.”

The hack works by “shocking the egg out of its shell” by applying cold water and shaking vigorously while it is still hot.

After hard boiling the egg, place it straight in to an empty glass and fill that up with cold water before shaking for about five seconds.

Take the egg out of the glass and gently squeeze it and it should simply slide out of its shell.

Captioning the tweet the Twitter user wrote: “Eggxactly how to peel a boiled egg.”

The hack has left fellow kitchen whizzes seriously impressed with some describing it as “magic.”

Commenting on the tweet, one wrote: “Wow! What a clever idea! I'll try that next time I boil eggs!”

“Genius” agreed a second, while a third wrote, “whoa, dark magic.”

A fourth added: “Absolutely brilliant. I have never seen that before.”

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