Ulysse Nardin Launches Newest "BLAST" Concept Watch

Swiss luxury watchmaker Ulysse Nardin experiments with technological advancements and conceptual design for its latest timepiece collection, the BLAST. Inspired by the characteristics of extreme explorers, the innovative watch delivers a complex, geometric structure reminiscent of a furtive aircraft to create a vigorous and imposing masterpiece.

The new BLAST offers a muscular and robust open-worked model, allowing fans to view the intricacies behind the delicate craftsmanship. The watches feature a new powerful automatic silicium tourbillon nested in a bold, X-shaped cage, which beats inside at a frequency of 2.5 Hz. Staying true to Ulysse Nardin’s iconic design codes, the piece also incorporates a rectangular frame, a 3-horned signature fixing the strap and a smooth colored bezel.

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Powered by the recently developed UN-172 movement, the BLAST is fitted with an automatic tourbillon and a new tiny yet powerful platinum micro-rotor. Every element of this modern marvel was ingeniously conceived, from the triple-toothed round bezel and the double “X” that clamps the movements together in a sandwich, to the self-deploying buckle which releases effortlessly in just one click. 

BLAST is available in four distinct models, each powered by the new UN-172 manufacture movement, an automatic tourbillon and a new self-deploying buckle. 

Head over to The Hour Glass’s website to find out more about the BLAST. 
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