Thrifty woman transforms her battered leather sofa using cheap paint she bought on eBay – The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she gave her ‘damaged’ black leather sofa a new lease of life for just £25.

She shared a snap of her living room, revealing a massive five-seater corner sofa which had seen better days.

It had faded to a dark brown, and the seats most often used had seen their colour vanish almost completely.

Rather than fork out for a brand new sofa, one mum decided to give it a lick of paint to transform it.

She bought a leather restorer kit on eBay for just £24.99 – and the results are incredible.

She shared before-and-after photos to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where more than 600 people have admired her handiwork.

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She posted: “Done this a while ago but if you have an old leather with a colour you don’t like or is damaged like mine was, you can buy leather dye from eBay.

“I paid 24.99 (really easy to do and have loads colour).

And she decided to add some new pillows to finish off the look, adding: “It looks like a new settee!”

People have been inspired to tackle their own sofas with the dye, which comes in multiple colours ranging from pink to yellow.

Commenting on her post, one person said: “Wow this is a great idea! Looks fab.”

Another wrote: “Fab thank you so much think I’ll give it a go.”

Somebody else thought: "We need to do this to your sofa."

A third added: “Wow a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa.”

And this person said: “Omg that looks amazing.”

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