This is why your skincare regime could be messing with your hormones, according to experts

Talc has been linked to lung cancer, and some studies have linked parabens to growing breast cancer cells, so it's hard to know what is safe in beauty products today.

But according to experts our skincare and makeup products could even be messing with our HORMONES.

It's not straightforward but studies have found that certain ingredients in our favourite lotions and potions could be disrupting our endocride system (which carries hormones around our bodies).

In 2012 an assessment by the United Nations Environment programme and the World Health Organisation looked into the side effects of chemicals in beauty products.

According to their research, nearly 800 chemicals are "known or suspected to be capable of interfering with hormone receptors, hormone synthesis, or hormone conversion".

However, only "a small fraction of these chemicals have been investigated in tests capable of identifying overt endocrine effects."

In most cases, the "bad" chemicals in your regime  aren't actually able to penetrate your skin properly due to not having a low enough molecular weight.

We do know however, that skincare such as moisturisers and serums do absorb into your body.

And logically, the products that are applied over the largest surface area, such as a body moisturisers, have the highest chance of affecting hormones.

Something with a small surface area, such as a lipstick, eye serum or eyeshadow, has a much smaller chance of contributing to a negative effect of the endocrine system.

If you want to cut down on the products that are potentially damaging, don't worry – you won't have to cut out moisturiser together.

Margo Marrone, who's the Founder and Chemist at The Organic Pharmacy told Glamour the ingredients you should look out for and avoid.


The European Scientific Committee have actually said that Parabens aren't a health risk in approved quantities.

But, if you're wanting to be extra safe when it comes to your beauty regime, you might want to avoid them.

There are plenty of replacement ingredients that pose less of a threat available, and the products that avoid using parabens are labelled with a 'paraben-free' logo.


This very hard to pronounce ingredient is a binding agent, which is used in bottles to make the plastic flexible.

Although it's not initially in the product, it can seep into your shampoo, body wash, primer and so on.

The easy way to avoid this is through using products that are held in glass bottles, and also to make sure to keep products out of the sun or direct sunlight.

Chemical sunscreens

The chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate have recently been banned in Hawaii, as they're incredibly problematic to the coral reefs.

But it turns out they could actually be harmful towards our hormones too.

Switching to physical sunscreens – those which sit on top of the skin and are not absorbed –  is recommended so  look out for the ingredients zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which are usually present in this type.

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