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These restaurant tables are covered in grass and DIRT… and people are horrified

Well, that appears to be what one restaurant is suggesting its customers do.

Over on Reddit, a picture of the inexplicable table decoration has gone viral.

The photo – which was shared by a user named SkyUnderMyFeet – shows a group of picnic tables covered with, um, organic tablecloths.

And when we say organic, we mean… squares of grass.

The poster confirmed that the greenery was real, writing below the image: "By the way, this isn't even fake turf. It's real grass, dirt and all."

Understandably, other Redditors were shocked by the thought of dining at a muddy tabletop.

One person wrote: "Are you kidding me? Dirt is dirty. It belongs on the ground, not the dinner table. It's disgusting."

Others just thought the snap was hilarious, with jokes including: "What is this, a restaurant for cows?" and: "Talk about farm to table!"

Even the original poster got involved, asking: "Does someone water the tables? Like halfway through the meal, they bring out a sprinkler?"

Of course, the restaurant may have just covered its tables for an event or promotional stunt.

But even if no-one was ever intended to eat at them, they must have caused quite a stir among passers-by.

We wonder if they serve Mississippi mud pie?

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