There is a sneaky feline hidden in this Christmas tree – can you find the cat amongst the baubles? | The Sun

A SNEAKY kitty has managed to hide themselves away in this brightly-lit Christmas tree – but can you spot where they are?

The cheeky feline has managed to camouflage themselves within the baubles and gifts.

Every cat owner knows their mischievous furry friends can be impressive escape artists.

And cats are well-known for often trying to destroy the traditional festive decorations – but this adorable ball of fur seems to like using it as a place to explore.

One couple took to Reddit to share a photo of their cat hiding somewhere in their Christmas tree – and challenged viewers to find the sneaky pet.

The image shows the tree lit up in white lights and a handful of decorations, with parcels nestled underneath.

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Alongside a photo of the seemingly normal Christmas tree, the post said: "We both work full time – this is our lovely tree! Feat our hidden cat."

The feline is hiding in plain sight somewhere in the pine needles.

But some were left baffled by the location of the kitty.

One said: "Where??? Is the cat?"

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Did you manage to spot the sneaky feline?

If you're still stuck, one eagle-eyed commenter gave a big clue.

They wrote: "Look just above/behind the white package, maybe also turn your brightness up on your phone – that's how I found the kitty!"

If you didn't manage to spot it, scroll down to the bottom for the answer.

This cat isn't the first to cleverly disguise themselves in the festive decorations.

Hailey Forbes, 27, recorded her three-year-old cat Dexter as he made a nest in her Christmas tree in her home in Glasgow.

And another cat took her owner by surprise after she was found sleeping on their Christmas tree at home.

The 15-month-old cat vanished from sight as she nestled in the branches surrounded by fairy lights and decorations at the top of the tree.

It was only when the family's other cats, Freddo and Luna, were sat staring up at the tree that little Moon was finally found.

Yet another mischievous cat made its home in its owner's Christmas tree.

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Richelle, of Minnesota, US, snapped a photo of her kitty Twigget in the tree, but when she looked back at the photo, the cat was almost entirely camouflaged. 

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