The Queen and Queen Mother used to send each other secret notes they codenamed ‘witty ditties’

THE Queen is a secret poetry fan and used to send her mum “witty ditties”, a royal author has revealed.

Writing in her book The Wicked Wit of the Royal Family, Karen Dolby revealed that the monarch used to write “humorous verses” for the Queen Mother.

She explains: “The Queen Mother and the Queen used to exchange humorous verses – witty ditties they would send back and forth to amuse each other, especially when they were off duty in Scotland and had more time.

“Before Britannia was decom- missioned in 1997, the Queen regularly sailed from Balmoral to Castle Mey, her mother’s home in Caithness, and she composed one such verse to thank her mother for dinner:

“A meal of such splendour, repast of such zest,
“It will take us to Sunday just to digest.”

The Queen now has her own poet as part of the royal household.

The current person to be hired as poet laureate is Simon Armitage, who succeeded Carol Ann Duffy in May 2019.

Simon is best-known for poems such as The Shout, To His Lost Lover and The Catch, and said he was contacted by Theresa May herself about being chosen for the position.

He is now entitled to an annual salary of £5,750, which he donates to help fund the annual Laurel Prize.

But the icing on the cake is the Queen will have also given Simon the traditional butt of sack, which is made up of around 720 bottles of sherry.

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