The Classic Sneaker Brand Worn By Katie Holmes Is Now on Major Sale

As much as we love the holidays (and we do!), it's definitely hands-down the busiest, most frantic time of the year. Oftentimes, we find ourselves making a mad dash from one place to the next, which is precisely why we're saying sayonara to wearing high heels the way we used to during pre-pandemic times. 

These days, we're all about comfy, versatile kicks, and it looks like we're not alone. Katie Holmes has been repeatedly spotted stepping out in classic Saucony Jazz Original sneakers this year, proving that what was once old is new again. The actress frequently pairs her casual sneakers with lived-in jeans and statement coats, making a very convincing case as to why we should prioritize comfort above all else and invest in a pair (or two) of nostalgic, old-school trainers right away. 

Shop now: $100 (Originally $130); 

Luckily, Saucony is running a serious sale with deep discounts on plenty of standout sneakers, sleek workout gear, and more as we speak. There are tons of sporty styles to pick from, including the top-rated, ultra-supportive Ride 13 sneakers, which are knocked down by $50 for a limited time only. 

Shop now: $80 (Originally $130);

"I'm on my feet 12 hours a day and like to walk on the treadmill at home. These shoes are extremely comfortable with a good cushion. My knee pain has gone since wearing these shoes," one reviewer raved. Hey, if a pair of shoes can eliminate joint pain and elevate an outfit, we're all ears. 

"These [shoes] feel like I am walking on air. These are excellent and help me feel balanced," another reviewer commented of the sneaker's impressive stability features. 

The solid reviews speak for themselves, and the good news is that there's a decent amount of inventory to go around in various sizes and colors if you act fast. Beyond the shoes, there's also plenty of cool clothing on sale including leggings, pullover tops, workout shorts, sports bras, and more. One to note: the super flattering Hightail tights, which reviewers say are worth every penny.

Shop now: $30 (Originally $80); 

"These have a great compressive fit that holds everything in place for a super flattering fit. Plus, they have a very high waist so no slipping down my bum and no muffin top," one reviewer said. "I've worn these while running and love that they move with me and don't feel stiff or hard to move in." 

At just $30 on sale, these sturdy leggings won't be around for long. Browse more killer deals below and shop the sale before it's all gone. 

Shop now: $105 (Originally $140); 

Shop now: $70 (Originally $80); 

Shop now: $80 (Originally $130); 


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