The baby names which are on the rise for 2022 – from Luna to Hugo

PLENTY of people want a beautiful and unique name for their baby, which is why keeping an eye on the most popular lists is key.

Some people use them as inspiration and others try to avoid using the most common options.

Australian company McCrindle, have compiled a report of the children's names that are on the rise and some of the monikers may surprise you.

The data collection agency creates a list every year tracking trends in children's names and this year it's clear that parents have opted for names that are a little wilder than usual.

The data for this year show that kiddies are being given more modern names with pop culture and social media influencing the choices.

Speaking to, co-author of book, Generation Alpha, Ashley Fell said: "Among these new, emerging names we see the trends of girls' names ending in a vowel or vowel sound, and botanic influences and colours.

"We also see celebrity influences, with Luna growing in popularity since John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter, Luna was born in 2016."

Shorter boy's names that end in an "o" are ranking highly for young lads, like Leo, Hugo and Arlo.

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While for girls, there is also a trend of shortening names and adding an "i" like Millie or Elsie.

But on top of those there are some really out their choices like; Gunner, Nevaeh, Princeton, Heaven, Lyric and Iker.

Ashley said: "Parents of Generation Alpha are drawing on social media and popular culture influences, blogs, websites and even baby naming apps.

"The first-time parents of today were likely to have grown up with several classmates with the same name as them, and so they are drawing on a wider range of more unique and creative names, for their children, and daughters especially."

But despite the many new and interesting names we are seeing most parents want to stick to the familiar favourites, with names like Charlotte, Olivia, Oliver, and William ranking highly over the year. 


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