Starbucks launches new festive drink that tastes JUST like a Christmas tree

The Juniper Latte contains "a hint of juniper and sage, an evergreen aroma and citrus notes", all topped off with "a dusting of pine-citrus sugar".

If you fancy a taste of the trees, we're afraid this bev is only currently available in the United States and Canada.

Describing the bizarre drink, the tasters at Bustle wrote: "It tastes the way a Christmas tree smells. And weirdly, that taste is delicious.

"It very much does have a pine taste to it that will remind you of a Christmas tree — but not at all in an off-putting way.

"The flavour is very subtle, offering a welcome crispness to the sweetness of the rest of the latte."

The juniper berry, from which the drink takes its name, is known for its pine-like flavour and citrus-y after notes.

Bustle compared it to sipping on a lavender or rose drink, which doesn't sound too bad to us.

But, with no plans to take it across the Pond just yet, we'll happily stick to our Gingerbread Lattes for now.

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