Stacey Solomon reveals she eats McDonald's in a really weird way by ‘skinning’ chicken nuggets to eat crispy bits first

WHEN it comes to getting our McDonald's fix, most of us have a VERY specific order that we'll never stray from.

But it's never once occurred to us that some fast food fans might have a specific way of eating their McDonald's – that is, until we saw Stacey Solomon's Instagram stories yesterday.

After spending an afternoon at the park with her three sons and boyfriend Joe Swash, the mum-of-three could barely contain her excitement as she showed her 3.4m followers her fast food dinner.

She said: "We got a McDonald's on the way home. Our closest one has just re-opened!

"I got a filet-O-fish and chicken nuggets."

But we'll warn you now, what you're about to see might be upsetting to some diehard McDonald's fans…

Posting a photo of her dinner, Stacey asked: "Does anyone else eat the skin of a chicken nugget and save the chicken?"

At this point, we just have to pause for a moment and ask: is nothing sacred anymore?!

After creating a poll, she then captioned the photo: "They look gross but they taste better this way!"

Unfortunately for Stacey, 81 per cent of her followers were horrified by the state of her "skinned" chicken nuggets – but 19 per cent agreed that they prefer them this way too.

And one fan was so baffled by Stacey's, erm, unusual habit that they tweeted: "Very concerned about Stacey Solomon after just seeing how she eats her chicken nuggets!!"

Having polished off her dinner, Stacey then tried to draw an Instagram-worthy bath complete with flower petals.

But while it sounded like a nice enough idea, the flowers instead felt like "razor blades".

 Unsure whether to laugh or cry, Stacey wrote: "I want to get out but they cost about [£10] a bag and I've used a precious bath bomb so I'm gonna get the boys' poo net and try scoop them out!"

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