Shoving Your Clutch in Your Pants Is Now Fashion Week Approved

I often find myself wishing I had an extra arm. I'll be holding a cup of coffee, my keys, bag, and phone, only to realize — wait! — now I need to open a door and enter my office. Or, I'm at a wedding, attempting to balance a small plate of appetizers, cocktail, and my clutch, desperately hoping the situation doesn't end in disaster. Somehow, I'm that person who's always carrying too much stuff in her hands and while I've gone on to invest in phone cases with chains and made promises to pare down in the past, Saint Laurent's Spring '22 runway has now offered my favorite solution.

Shove your clutch into your pants.

Seriously — the "trend" or, rather, styling trick, popped up during the fashion house's Paris Fashion Week show. While my initial thought was to poke fun, I ultimately decided it was genius. To be quite honest, there has already been a few times where I've been so frustrated that I've invented pockets where I could (I've even embarrassingly hung a lanyard around my neck like a camp counselor while walking the dog). So, making the "no-free-hands struggle" socially acceptable and a lot more fashion-forward? Two words: Let's go.

Plus, as a fashion editor, I'm all for adding a little something extra to your look. The fact that these clutches are either color coordinated with the rest of the outfit or add a small, yet bright, pop makes me even more of a fan.

Thankfully, this is one trick one I won't have to wait until next year to try — I'll likely be carrying my clutch or large wallet via pants by tomorrow. And, if you're following Saint Laurent's lead, maybe you should, too.

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