Shoppers shares massive £9 Lidl sales haul after bagging trainers, clothes and stationery sets for just 50p each

A MUM has shared her epic haul from Lidl including clothes and crockery after dozens of items were slashed to just 50p each. 

While the supermarket sells basic groceries, it also has the popular ‘middle of Lidl’ aisle, selling everything from homeware to garden tools. 

One mum managed to pick up a range of discounted goodies while doing her weekly shop, which cost her just £9 in total. 

Among her incredible haul are trainers, T-shirts, tea towels, storage boxes, stationary sets, garden tools, a foot pump and a microwave steamer. 

She shared her epic mountain of shopping to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where she urged people to check their local supermarket for deals. 

The mum wrote: “Everything in picture for 50p each at Lidl! 

Not sure if this is nationwide but definitely worth a check in your store

“All this cost £9!!! I never get a bargain.

“Not sure if this is nationwide but definitely worth a check in your store!”

More than 1,000 people liked her post, in awe of the bargains she managed to find. 

Commenting on the post, one person said: “Well done ! Amazing bargain.”

Another wrote: “Well done good find.”

A third thought: “Some nice bits in there ready for xmas pressies can believe how much u got for so little well done.” 

This person joked: “Bet you only went in for a pint of milk.” 

Someone else added: “Fair play. You can trim your garden hedges wearing them sandals and blow up your tyres at the same time."

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