Savvy mom of three shares her best hacks for speeding up busy school mornings including how to make lunches in minutes

A SUPER savvy mom of three shared her best hacks for speeding up those dreaded busy school mornings.

The mom, who goes by the name of Lauren Clutter on TikTok, has been preparing to send her kiddos to in-person learning for the first time since the pandemic started in 2020.


"Use closet shoe shelves to store clothes burritos for the week," she first suggested.

She then picked out several outfits for her boys – shirts, pants, and socks – before rolling them up and stuffing them in the cubbies.

This will save the few minutes that it could take to pick out an outfit for a tired kid.


Taking a whole piece of Hawaiian bread, which comes pre-sliced for smaller bites, Lauren sliced it down the middle before stacking cheese and ham together.

"Make nine sandwiches at once and save in the fridge or freezer," she suggested.

This simple hack could be accessible as a breakfast option or as a snack to pack in their lunch boxes.


Lauren advised to "use iron-on labels" to identify your child's jacket, hats, and lunch boxes.

This solves the issue of them losing their things or not knowing if the red hat by the door is theirs or their friend's.


Because children grow so quickly and you can't always bring them to the mall with you, Lauren suggested simply making a paper mold of their foot.

Have them stand on a piece of paper while you draw around it. You'll then cut it and take it with you whenever you go shopping.

Once you find a shoe you like, hold the piece of paper to the sole of the shoe to see if it'll fit.

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