Royals ‘bracing for Meghan to release own tell-all memoir’ after Harry's bombshell book ‘rips into William and Kate’ | The Sun

THE royals are bracing for Meghan Markle to release her own memoir after her husband's comes out, it is claimed.

Prince Harry's bombshell book Spare, which is expected to be rip into William, will hit the shelves globally on January 10.

According to a publishing insider, the Duke of Sussex, 38, has gone in hard on his brother and Kate but shied away from criticising his dad King Charles too much.

But the monarch could face scrutiny next year if Meghan, 41, decides to tell her story.

The former actress is said to be "contemplating getting entirely candid about her time in the royal limelight" in her own autobiography.

A source told OK: "She fully intends to write this book and leave no stone unturned.


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"It’s just a question of timing and how long she wishes to hold out in order to preserve what’s left of her and Harry’s relationship with King Charles.

"The feeling at this point is there’s little to lose, and she may as well go ahead.

"The process is already quietly underway."

And a Hollywood agent told The Mail on Sunday: "I would find it surprising if Meghan didn't publish her own story, to be honest.

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"Spare is clearly Prince Harry's chance to tell his, but hers is equally compelling.

"I mean, how many actresses end up marrying a Prince?"

The Sussexes reportedly signed a four-book deal with publishers Penguin Random House in 2021.

Harry, who received an £18.4 million advance for his memoir, has promised to examine the “highs and lows” of his extraordinary life as royal, which culminated in his bitter “Megxit” split from the Royal Family.

He will also explore his grief following the death of his mother and the permanent wound that has left.

A source with knowledge of the book has told how it will be very damaging for the Firm.

They told The Sunday Times: "Generally, I think the book [will be] worse for them than the royal family is expecting.

"Everything is laid bare. Charles comes out of it better than I had expected, but it’s tough on William, in particular, and even Kate gets a bit of a broadside.

"There are these minute details, and a description of the fight between the brothers.

"I personally can’t see how Harry and William will be able to reconcile after this."

The insider added: "The overall impression is that this is a man who has never recovered from the trauma of his mother dying so young, and then along comes Meghan and he projects on to her a parallel with Diana."

The highly-anticipated book is ghost-written by JR Moehringer, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, who was previously behind tennis player Andre Agassi’s autobiography.

It's thought the tome will answer questions which were not broached in Harry and Meghan's Netflix show.

Experts believe dramatic moments were held back from the documentary as content for the book.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun: “It is very clear that Harry is holding things back for his book.

“All of this is part of a gigantic operation with huge money to play for.

“You always have to hold things back if you want them to sell because you want sensation.

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“Netflix feel as though they’ve gotten their money’s worth with their six hours of content – but it’s clear there is more drama to come in the book. 

“The book is titled spare and it's perfectly obvious that there’s not much brotherly love around.”

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