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Rich Kids Go Skint star with £100k wardrobe reduced to tears when struggling dad-of-two on benefits says 'your Rolex could pay off all my debts'

Andrea, who's originally from Milan but lives in London, is the son of an A-list estate agent in Italy's plush Lake Como, where George and Amal Clooney are among the famous residents.

The self-confessed "material girl", who works as a PA, swapped Chelsea for a Swansea council house – where single dad-of-two David, 40, lives with his two daughters – on Rich Kids Go Skint.

The former chef was forced to quit his job when his youngest Emily, seven, was born – and currently supports her and Martha, 10, on his £1,400-a-month benefits.

But the lion's share of this goes on bills and paying off debts, meaning David is left with just £65-a-month disposable income.

After counting out his budget on the Channel 5 show, David said: "That’s not even £20 a week, it’s ridiculous."

By contrast, shopaholic Andrea lives a life of luxury – with a handbag collection any woman would be jealous of, including a £10,000 Birkin, and 50 pairs of shoes totalling £25,000.

The jet setter has travelled to 23 different countries in just nine months, refusing to stay anywhere less than 5-star, and has no idea how to cook – instead eating out every night in expensive London restaurants.

He told the cameras: "When I’m out with my boyfriend, luckily he pays for it, to save money for my clothes."

And that's nothing compared to his millionaire lifestyle in Italy, where Andrea's family live in a palatial home with a swimming pool, as well as employing maids and servants.

Andrea joked: "I think I was a spoilt person when I was young, I think I still am now."

He soon realised just how extravagant his lifestyle is, telling the film crew: "I definitely feel ridiculous" on day one.

David was absolutely gobsmacked to hear Andrea has £100,000 worth of clothes, bags and shoes, telling him: "You can buy two decent houses in Swansea for that."

He was immediately drawn to Andrea's £10,000 Rolex watch, telling him "it's beautiful" and asking how much it costs.

After hearing the cost, he said: "£10,000 would pay off all my debts in one go. And I’d be about £400 a month better off."

The revelation left Andrea in tears, telling the cameras: "I’m feeling bad now spending all that money.

"Just to say ‘oh my God Rolex mate’, when there’s people struggling very much. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

"They are a happy family, but they deserve more."

The show also saw David take Andrea to the beach where he slept rough in a tent for three months when he was left homeless after splitting from his ex.

Andrea said: "Knowing his story is literally more heartbreaking than before, I understand why he is happy."

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