Queen Elizabeth news – The shocking reason Prince Philip was banned from becoming King but Kate Middleton will be Queen

WHEN the Queen became monarch just under 70 years ago, her husband Prince Philip was not given the title of King – however when Prince William takes the throne, his spouse Kate Middleton will be Queen.

Prince Philip was never King – even though his wife was the Queen – and the reason for this is due to an old patriarchal system, where Kings outrank Queens.

However, the rules will be different when Prince William becomes King one day with the Duchess of Cambridge by his side.

It's likely that Kate will become Queen Consort, and it's likely that she will opt to be Queen Catherine.

Like Philip, although Kate Middleton wasn't born into the royal family she can never be Queen in her own right, but she can take the 'Consort' role – which is what many wives have done in the past.

Explaining the role, royal expert Marlene Koenig said: "Catherine's role will certainly change as she will be the consort of the sovereign.

"There is no real constitutional role for a consort, just by tradition.

“She will be the first lady of the land, in terms of precedence."

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  • Milica Cosic

    American socialite dancing away with Andrew

    Mutual friend, Haitian-born artist Jeffery Dread is pictured between Prince Andrew and Chris Von Aspen in one picture from a night at a pool party, and says it was clear the Duke was "smitten" with the younger woman.

    He said Andrew asked if he could introduce him to Chris.

    Whether or not he knew she was dating former French Foreign Legion officer Bruno Philipponnat – Prince Albert of Monaco's right-hand-man at the time – is another matter.

    Jeffery went on: "I felt it was not my business to say she was dating someone else.

    "She danced with Andrew for most of the evening until the party ended at about 3am.

    "He followed her everywhere she went, even to the bathroom, and at one point he gave her a head massage."

    But despite the best efforts of the "tenacious" prince, Jeffery insisted Chris went home with her friends that night.

  • Milica Cosic

    Andrew’s wild night with glamorous American socialite

    The Duke of York was snapped dancing with glamorous blonde Chris Von Aspen while at a poolside party thrown by a Libyan businessman in Saint Tropez.

    On a wild night in the millionaire's playground of southern France in July 2007, the 47-year-old prince cavorted with 27-year-old Chris after the US socialite reportedly caught his eye.

    Pictures from the night show a teetotal Andrew with his hands around Chris at the villa party.

    Jeffery said at the time: "Andrew came over to me and asked, 'What's her name? She is beautiful. I love the way she carries herself. She is very classy."

    New-York based Dread added: "I've known Chris for years and I was the one who took her to the party.

    "The dancefloor was by the swimming pool and there were many beautiful girls flocking to Andrew – but he was completely focused on Chris.

    "I'd met him quite a few times in New York and he came over, struck up a conversation, and asked me to introduce him to her."

    Chris Von Aspen is pictured with her tongue out as Prince Andrew beams into the cameraCredit: Coleman-Rayner
  • Milica Cosic

    Kate and William 'ready to move'

    A royal podcaster has claimed that Kate Middleton and Prince William may soon move to Windsor to be closer to Kate's family.

    Christine Ross has said that the Cambridges believe that this is the 'perfect time' to move to a suburban area. 

    The Royally Us host said: “It seems like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ready for a move.

    "There are some reports that they were going to split their time between two primary residences – Kensington Palace in London and their country home Anmer Hall in Norfolk. 

    “According to the Daily Mail, a source close to the Royal Family says William and Kate will move to Berkshire and start a quiet life in the country because they feel like at this stage in their life suburbia makes perfect sense now.

    "This also kind of makes sense because they would be closer to Windsor Castle and there were some reports that they would be moving to Windsor castle a few months back.” 

    Her co-host Christine Ross added: “Yeah, so they'd be closer to Windsor Castle where they could still carry on a lot of their royal duties but it’s important to note that Kate's parents and Kate's sister live in Berkshire as well.

    "The kids can grow up with their cousins and it is a beautiful part of the country. It is suburban, it's not really considered the most high brow area but I think it is a beautiful place to bring up your kids.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Kate Middleton a 'modern royal'

    A body language expert has claimed that Kate Middleton is a 'modern royal'

    The Duchess of Cambridge was yesterday named as the patron of English Rugby and Express.co.uk spoke to Judi James about Kate's involvement in the game. 

    Ms James said: "Kate’s newest appointment as rugby ambassador seems to have finally promoted her as something of a modern, contemporary royal rather than the more elegant traditionalist that she normally presents as.

    “Her style and body language to date have seen her adopt a rather cautiously regal demeanour that has been timeless rather than contemporary. 

    “We have seen glimpses of her in a more relaxed and sporty mood when she has flexed her competitive muscles on visits with her husband but here she is seen solo, emphatically sporty and absolutely loving every minute of it."

  • Milica Cosic

    Queen yet to be in public eye

    The Queen is yet to carry out a royal engagement this year, with there being just days before the beginning of her Platinum Jubilee. 

    Royal author Duncan Larcombe believes that this is because courtiers will want her to be in "full health" for her Jubilee celebrations. 

    He told OK! magazine: "The Queen is really looking forward to this year’s celebrations.

    "It’s the focal point of 2022 for the whole Royal Family.

    "It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Queen in person because her Christmas outings were cancelled. 

    "But she’s simply taking it easy so she’s in full health for this year’s celebrations.

    "Courtiers are wary not to put too much pressure on her so she’s focusing on desk work, but in the coming months we should see her attend more virtual audiences."

  • Milica Cosic

    Meghan Markle has 'ruined my prince'

    It has been revealed that Joe Rogan mocked Meghan Markle in an episode of his Spotify podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, before she and Harry expressed their concerns over his Covid vaccine views.

    Discussing Megxit on his podcast, which aired in January 2020, Joe Rogan called Megan Markle a "little American hussy" who would 'turn Prince Harry into a Kardashian' in an unearthed podcast.

    Mimicking the Queen, Joe to former CIA agent Mike Baker who he had on the podcast with him: "It's that little American hussy he's hooked up with. She's going to turn him into a Kardashian.

    "That little American hussy has ruined my prince."

    He later also said: "They're already so popular all they need to do is start endorsing f****** makeup lines and sneakers and watches and s***."

    Joe has recently come under fire for interviewing doctor Robert Malone, who claimed on The Joe Rogan Experience that Americans were “hypnotised” into wearing masks and getting vaccines.

  • Milica Cosic

    Kate clauses searches for ‘England rugby kit’ to explode

    Analysis of Google search data reveals that searches for “England rugby kit” skyrocketed 500% around the world on the 2nd February, the same day that it was announced Kate Middleton was photographed wearing official England rugby and was announced as patron of the Rugby Football Union 

    A new finding by Digital ID reveals that searches for “Rugby kit” exploded to six times the average volume in one day, an unprecedented jump in people Googling how to learn rugby, according to analysis of Google search data. 

    The Duchess of Cambridge wore the official England Rugby £50 pants and £50 zip-up top, with her hair gathered back into a sporty ponytail.

    The data also reveals that searches for “How to learn rugby” exploded also exploded 930% on the 3rd February.

  • Milica Cosic

    Queen 'uncomfortable' with Royal divorce

    A royal expert has claimed that The Queen is rather "uncomfortable" with Royal divorce and thinks that marriage break-ups are "too easy".

    Ingrid Seward claims that the Queen finds them "uncomfortable", despite many members of the Royal Family going through the divorce – including the Queen's sister Princess Margaret.

    Speaking just after the Queen's nephew David and Grandson Peter announced their divorces, Ms Seward said: "I think the Queen feels it's all too easy to get divorced now.

    "She used to say, 'Just wait two years and see if you can make it work.' She will have urged Peter and Autumn to try again.

    "Thankfully, she has William and Kate. If she didn't have them, I think she might say to herself, 'Goodness, after over 70 years on the throne, it's come to nothing.'"

  • Milica Cosic

    A roast dinner for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee?

    The roast dinner has been elevated to royal status as almost a third (32%) of the country says it will be tucking into the classic dish to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, which kicks off on the 6th February.

    According to national research, conducted by Foodhub, one of the leading online food ordering platforms, the British dish has been crowned the UK's favourite food to indulge on when celebrating a special occasion.

    Pizza followed behind with 20% and Chinese rounded off the top three taking 17% of the vote.

    And while TV dinners are still a thing, the UK will display more etiquette this Jubilee, with just under a half of participants (42%) preferring to sit at the table to enjoy their foodie feast.

  • Milica Cosic

    Princess Charlotte 'doesn't always play by the rules'

    Royal photographers and brothers Samir and Zak Hussein have recalled the moment they caught Princess Charlotte sticking her tongue out during the charity regatta organised by her parents in July 2019.

    Zak told Us Weekly: "She was with Kate and suddenly there was this huge crowd there gathered to see them and Charlotte just for a split second stuck her tongue out at the crowd.

    "There’s this great moment where Kate’s just kind of pulling her face laughing and sort of embarrassed by her daughter that stuck her tongue out.

    "And I think Sam took the picture as well, but a lot of photographers around us didn’t get it because it only happened for a split second."

    Princess Charlotte at King's Cup regatta hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on August 08, 2019 in Cowes, EnglandCredit: Getty
  • Milica Cosic

    Prince Charles' strict health regime

    A royal expert has claimed that Prince Charles follows a ruthless health and fitness regime to keep him fighting fit.

    Royal expert Richard Kay wrote in the Daily Mail that Prince Charles bases his routine on a Canadian Air Force regimen called the 5BX (Five Basic Exercises). 

    Mr Kay wrote: “Breakfast is usually soft-boiled eggs and fruit, and he never eats lunch. 

    “Dislikes include overcooked vegetables, coffee, chocolate, nuts, garlic, curry, chillies, raw onions, pork and blue cheese.

    “Dinner is usually grilled meat or fish with fresh vegetables." 

  • Milica Cosic

    Kate to enjoy major new privilege

    Kate Middleton is set to enjoy a major new privilege no longer granted to Prince Harry after he was stripped of his honorary titles – including Captain General of Royal Marines.

    She has even been tipped to take over Prince Andrew's honorary military titles by Royal journalist Russell Myers, who says the Grenadier Guards are "keen" to have her. 

    Us Weekly Correspondents Christine Ross said: "It is a military role, but it is slightly more ceremonial.

    "We might even see her in a military uniform, which we have seen from other members of the Royal Family, like Princess Anne and Prince William. They have special ceremonial uniforms for the work Kate would do for them.

    "It would be a fantastic role for her and it sounds like they are really keen to have her." 

  • Milica Cosic

    Sophie Wessex could be set for new royal title

    Sophie, Countess of Wessex, could be set for a new royal title when Prince Charles becomes King as she was not made a duchess when she married Prince Edward in 1999. 

    However, the Countess of Wessex could have her title elevated once Prince Charles ascends to the throne.

    It is thought Prince Philip, who passed away last April, hoped that Edward and Sophie would take on his title as the Duke of Edinburgh.

    Speaking about his wish, the Countess of Wessex said: "We sat there slightly stunned.

    "He literally came straight in and said: ‘Right, I’d like it very much if you would consider that’."

  • Milica Cosic

    Prince Andrew's awkward wedding footage has resurfaced

    Footage of Prince Andrew making a very awkward comment about the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has recently resurfaced.

    The Duke of York insisted Princess Eugenie's wedding would be more family-focused than the Sussexes' extravagant affair – and said Meghan and Harry have fewer friends.

    In a chat on Good Morning, he discussed the differences between the two celebrations, adding: "It will not be the same as the previous one that was held in May.

    "This is not a public wedding, this is meant to be a family wedding."

    He then went on to compare the guestlists of the two events after Eugenie and Jack invited 850 people compared to Meghan and Harry's 600.

    "There'll be a few more people than most people have," the duke said.

    "There are a few more than Harry had, but that's just the nature of Eugenie and Jack – they've got so many friends that they need a church of that size to fit them all in."

  • Milica Cosic

    The secret message on Harry & Meg's wedding car

    Eagle-eyed fans spotted a secret message on the newly-weds' car as they drove away from the service.

    Sussex fans zoomed in on the number plate of the Vintage Jaguar E-Type that Harry drove to the reception.

    The number plate reads "E190518", which translates to "Established 19 May 2018" – their wedding date.

  • Milica Cosic

    Royal news you may have missed

    • Kate Middleton beamed yesterday as she was hoisted into the air by the England rugby team
    • Unofficial merchandise for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee was printed with one major error
    • Meghan Markle is reportedly set to relaunch her now-defunct lifestyle blog The Tig
    • The Sussexes hit out at Spotify after the site was accused of hosting anti-vaxxer content
    • Prince Harry prepares to give a lecture on taking a break – after making just one podcast, despite an £18million deal

    Meghan’s wedding speech ‘left pals in shocked’ (Continued…)

    Authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand discussed the speech in their sympathetic biography on the Sussexes, Finding Freedom.

    They continued to say: "She spent so many years, whether on campus, on TV, or advocating for women to be empowered, speaking out. And she's respected that.

    "She does have a lot of respect for the family and the institution that she has joined.

    "But it's just a different way of living. We'd missed hearing her speak.

    "And apparently Meghan felt the same way, because she laughed, 'I know it's been a while'."

    Meg thanked the Queen for welcoming her into the family.

    She also paid tribute to Prince Charles, who stepped in at the last moment to walk her down the aisle amid a split from her own father Thomas.

    American mag US Weekly claims Meghan also referenced her divorce from Mr Engelson.

    She said finding love with Harry was "worth the wait" and called him "the one".

    Meghan’s wedding speech ‘left pals in shocked'

    MEGHAN Markle's wedding speech reportedly left pals in stunned silence – as she discussed divorce before calling Prince Harry 'the one'.

    The Duchess of Sussex is said to have made a subtle dig about life in the Royal Family as she addressed guests at the reception in 2018.

    She apparently said finding love was "worth the wait" after her split from first husband, filmmaker Trevor Engelson.

    Authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand discussed the speech in their sympathetic biography on the Sussexes, Finding Freedom.

    They quote an insider who said Meghan had spoken in public only rarely after meeting Harry.

    They wrote: "A first for a royal bride, the move reinforced the idea that this American was no typical duchess."

    The source told the writers that as Meghan spoke, "you could literally hear a pin drop".

    "For her to have been quiet for as long as she had, and then have this really safe space where she could give these heartfelt remarks, it was a really special moment," they added.

    Judge Kaplan sought assistance in obtaining testimony from Virginia Guiffre’s husband

    In letters to the Australian Attorney General, Judge Kaplan requested assistance in obtaining testimony from Ms Giuffre’s husband Robert and her psychologist Dr Judith Lightfoot.

    The judge asked for Mr Giuffre’s testimony to include how he met Ms Giuffre, his discussions with her about Andrew, her alleged childhood trauma and abuse, and her relationship with Epstein and Maxwell.

    The letter requests Mr Giuffre’s testimony also include all claims Ms Giuffre has made against the duke, her alleged emotional and psychological harm and damages, her role in trafficking and recruiting young girls for Epstein and the Giuffre household’s finances.

    In a separate letter to Dr Lightfoot, Judge Kaplan has asked her evidence to include Ms Giuffre’s medical treatment, her diagnosis of Ms Giuffre, matters discussed during their sessions, and claims made about Andrew.

    Testimony is also sought from Dr Lightfoot about her opinions of the alleged psychological harm suffered by Ms Giuffre, theory of false memories and the consequences of her childhood trauma.

    Queen’s Platinum Jubilee order of events

    The festivities will take place in the form of events spread across the year, culminating in a four-day bank holiday from June 2-5, 2022. Here the Queen's Platinum Jubilee order of events.

    1. The Platinum Pudding competition
    2. The Queen’s Birthday Parade
    3. The Queen’s Birthday Parade
    4. Service of Thanksgiving
    5. The Derby at Epsom Downs
    6. Platinum Party at the Palace
    7. The Big Jubilee Lunch
    8. The Platinum Jubilee Pageant
    9. The Queen's Green Canopy
    10. Royal Collection Trust
    11. The Queen’s Private Estates
    12. The Platinum Jubilee Celebration

    Read the article in full here.

    Kate to 'heal' royal rift between family & The Sussexes

    A royal expert has claimed that Kate Middleton could be key to bringing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back to the UK.

    Katie Nicholls said that during the Queen's Jubilee, Kate will help to soften tensions between the Royal Family and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

    She said: "I believe Kate will be a real key player in making peace with Harry and Meghan, even if it’s for show and just for the Jubilee.

    “Tensions are high but Kate will do what she can to heal the rift.

    “I know this year Kate and William – and Harry and Meghan too – will want to make things as easy as possible for the Queen.”

    • Milica Cosic

      Harry banned childhood pal from his wedding party

      When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in 2018, the couple had 600 guests there at St George's Chapel in Windsor with them before narrowing down the list to 200 for the evening party.

      And according to royal biographers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, one of Harry's oldest friends didn't get an invite to the reception – even though A-Listers George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey made the cut.

      In their book Finding Freedom, the experts said that Prince Harry's friend Tom Inskip – known as "Skippy" – felt like he'd "lost a friend" following the wedding.

      The experts claimed Tom had expressed concern over the speed in which Harry's new relationship was moving and suggested the couple live together before tying the knot. Although the experts said Tom's comments "came from a good place", Prince Harry was reportedly "very hurt" and banned his old friend from the evening party.

      They wrote: "Notable [absence from the reception was] Skippy, Harry's old friend, who had questioned the prince's relationship with Meghan, and his wife, Lara.

      "They were invited to the wedding ceremony and lunchtime reception [hosted by The Queen] but didn't make the cut for the evening bash."

      In their bombshell biography, the authors claim that Tom expressed his disappointment at brunch with mates the following day.

      He is alleged to have told friends "Meghan has changed Harry too much" and concluded that "we've lost him".

    • Milica Cosic

      Charles & William attempts to reunite with Harry

      A royal expert has claimed that Prince Charles and Prince William have 'resigned' with their attempts to reunite with Prince Harry. 

      Neil Sean said that William and Harry "certainly did look worlds apart" at their last public appearance together. 

      He continued to say: "Prince Charles and Prince William have resigned themselves to the fact that Prince Harry really is well unreachable right now, and certainly for some time to come.

      "So as for the brothers reconnecting, re-patching and seemingly getting on, even at the forthcoming memorial for the former, as we know, wonderful Duke of Edinburgh in April at Westminster Abbey, that seems far out of reach.

      "And when you look at the footage of them both of veiling the statues for their late mother, Princess Diana, they certainly did look worlds apart."

    • Milica Cosic

      Queen’s ‘favourite’ granddaughter had no idea who her gran was

      During a rare TV interview in 2016, Prince Edward’s wife Sophie Wessex revealed their daughter Lady Louise, 17, had no idea that her gran was Queen growing up.

      Sophie said that Lady Louise had “no concept” of her “grandmama” was famous, and found out in a very unusual way.

      In an interview for the Queen's 90th birthday, Sophie told Sky News: “I mean Louise had no concept really that the Queen and her grandmother were one and the same person.

      “It wasn’t until she was at school that other children were mentioning it and saying, ‘Your gran is the Queen’.

      “And she’d come home and say, ‘Mummy they say that Grandmama is the Queen.’

      "And I said, ‘Yes,’ and she said, ‘I don’t understand what they mean.’”

    • Milica Cosic

      Prince George’s favourite activity 

      KATE Middleton today revealed Prince George loves playing rugby – and described his little brother Louis as “kamikaze” when he plays the sport.

      Kate joined players, referees and coaches at Twickenham today, where she was put through her paces to mark her new role as patron of the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

      The Duchess of Cambridge made the revelation during an explosive England Rugby training session – declaring she is “very proud” of her new patronages for the game.

      Speaking to the players, proud mum Kate said George, eight, plays rugby and netball with girls and boys at his school, Thomas’s Battersea.

      She added:  “Now that there is a move towards co-ed sport, so it’s not just girls playing netball, but other sports like rugby, which is great.”

      Of her children’s enthusiasm for rugby, she added: “They’re all enjoying it, Louis is kamikaze, we’re worrying about when he gets older, he’ll be in the middle of everything.”

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