Queen Elizabeth II: What Kate and Sophie will wear at funeral

Queen Elizabeth II: Royals arrive at Balmoral

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The Queen will have a state funeral, as the former monarch, on September 19. State funerals are usually reserved only for Kings and Queens. King Charles III is now the monarch.

As such, they are uncommon. The last one to honour a royal took place 70 years ago, in 1952, so only those currently in their mid-70s are likely to remember it.

It was the funeral of the Queen’s father, King George VI. Sir Winston Churchill was given a state funeral in 1965.

What one wears to a state funeral is not much different from what one wears to any other style of funeral.

Black and conservative garments are expected to pay respects.

So what will the likes of Kate Middleton and Sophie, Countess of wear for the event?

It is likely the women will wear simple funeral attire of black dresses, coats, modest heeled shoes, and a hat.

The Queen wore a very similar outfit to the state funeral of Winston Churchill. She wore a coat dress, black heels, black gloves, and a black beret-style hat.

Military men often wear uniforms for state funerals, so expect to see royals like Prince Andrew in their uniforms.

There may be some suggestion the women will wear black veils, as was worn by the Queen Mother, the Queen and

Princess Margaret on the death of Prince George VI.

However, it would seem unlikely. Black veils were worn by widows during the Victorian era.

They have fallen out of fashion in the modern-day.

What have royal women worn to high-profile funerals in the past?

For the funeral of the Queen’s husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, Kate Middleton wore a black Alexander McQueen dress.

She made a touching tribute to the Queen at the event, wearing earrings borrowed from Her Majesty. Kate Middleton shows solidarity with Queen in her pearl necklace.

The royal wore a pearl choker which belongs to the Queen and was previously borrowed by Princess Diana.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore pearl earrings and a brooch. In line with funeral tradition, she wore an all-black outfit.

Her blonde hair was pulled into a low bun with a large black headband.

She wore a diamond brooch on her jacket.

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