Pizza box folding hack lets you store leftovers in the fridge without taking up loads of space – & it works on ALL boxes

IT doesn't happen often, but sometimes there is leftover pizza when you can't quite finish it all.

On this occasion, you probably just chuck the entire box in the fridge ready for tomorrow – but this takes up A LOT of space.

But it turns out there's another way, and the space-saving solution is blowing people's minds.

TikTok user @Nateandgran shared a video on how to reduce the size of the box with some simple folds – and it works on ALL boxes.

"Pizza box life hacks," the caption read, and it's just what we needed for the weekend.

Demonstrating how it works, he starts by ripping off the lid before removing some cardboard from the side flaps, folding the entire thing in half.

This creates a mini box perfect for leftover, and he claims "every pizza box can do this."

The video has since gone viral with millions of views, but some people reckon it doesn't always work.

Another user tried the hack using a regular Domino's box – proving it's still possible.

People were completely shocked admitting they'd never known the hack before.

"I worked for over 10 years at Pizza Hut and I AM TODAY YEARS OLD," one said.

A second wrote: "Please… Shut the entire front door… how? Why don't people tell us things as we grow up."

And another joked: "What's leftover pizza?"

No, seriously, what is it?

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