People say my DIY Thanksgiving decor looks amazing & 'blew their minds' but some warn of a potential danger around kids | The Sun

A HOME décor fan's DIY Thanksgiving design has divided opinion.

It looked amazing and was considered mind-blowing by some.

But others said it should come with a public health warning.

The basic materials for this seasonal ornament were potentially dangerous to kids.

Commenters said children should be kept well away from them.

The idea came from Kim (@lyfewithkim), who has 102,000 followers.

She was excited to unveil her style idea in this post: “Amazon fall décor DIY.”

First, she put some transparent gel beads, $8, into a bowl.

Once the water was added, they expanded and she then started making up the ornament.

Into three tall vases, she began to layer the beads, interspersed with mini acrylic pumpkins, maple leaves, and acorns.

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When she had finished, she topped them up with water and added a floating candle.

She dimmed the overhead lights and lit the candles, creating a cozy fall atmospheric decoration.

There were 15,000 likes to her post but it also prompted a lively discussion.

Many commenters loved her design: “This honestly blew my mind," was the reaction of one.

It was a similar response from this person: “I love it. I thought everyone forgot about Thanksgiving with the Christmas décor."

But for many, there were serious health safety concerns.

And the object of these were the gel beads, that swelled to more than twice their size when coming into contact with water.

“Water beads deadly warning. Keep away from all kids of all ages. Deadly if swallowed," said one worried person.

This viewer agreed: “Careful around children. These are very toxic if ingested."

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There were also misgivings about the candles: “Aren't they flammable? Also, be very careful with anyone with kids. Water beads are dangerous for kids if they eat them."

One mom was going to steer clear: “Looks so cute. Not for my kids ending up in ER for eating them though.”

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