People say I look so much better than I did in high school because I lost weight – but that's not really a compliment | The Sun

A CONTENT creator revealed her weight loss transformation and clapped back at people who complimented her glow-up.

She said that those who said she looked better than she did in high school will never get it.

Molly (@mollsballs09) shared her weight loss in a video with her TikTok followers.

People who knew her from high school gave her compliments now that she lost weight: "You were so big in high school," said one.

"You look so much better now that you've lost weight."

She shared photos of her high school self in a sports uniform, bowling, and going shopping.

She revealed her weight loss with a video, lip-synching how she felt about the comments: "Take my name out your mouth, you don't deserve it," she said.

"That girl is still me, comparing my body now and then will never be a compliment.

"No one knows what that girl had to go through to get here," she added.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her message.

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Others felt her struggle: "Thanksgiving makes this so much worse too lol," said one commenter.

"Size has nothing to do with beauty, you were perfect then and you are now," agreed another.

"I get these comments all the time, they're such backhanded compliments I wish people would realize," said a third.

"Beautiful then and now," said a fourth.

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