People only just realising the right way to fold fitted sheets – some even call it witchcraft | The Sun

SOCIAL media users are going wild over an easy hack that lets them fold fitted sheets with no fuss – some reckon it's witchcraft.

Fitted sheets can be a nightmare to fold and like most of us, this is something the rising Instagram star Dustin Hadley used to struggle with – until he came across a solution.

Dustin, better known to his 496k fans as That40yearguy on Instagram and TikTok, was so impressed with the hack, he shared it with his followers.

He first started by laying out the fitted sheet flat on his bed before grabbing the two bottom corners and tucking them inside the top ones.

Then, as the bloke demonstrated in the video, you fold the sheet about 1/3 of the way from the longer side.

Once done, Dustin folded it from the other side – the shorter one – and repeated the process on the left side too.

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At this point, your sheet should resemble a square.

To complete the process, Dustin then folded one of the sides across the other, making for a rectangle, and folded it another two times.

''You're telling me for 40 years I've been wadding up my fitted sheets and throwing them under the bed, I could've been doing this?

''Ain't now way,'' Dustin was lost for words.

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Since being uploaded on the popular platform, the clip has been viewed over a whopping 633k times.

Fellow social media users were just as stunned, with one chuckling: ''I'm sure your wife loves it when you try out these life hacks, helps with around the house lol.''

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Someone else recommended: ''It’s easier if you hold it up in the air and put your hand where the corner seams are then lay it down! The best hack.''

''I don't believe it. What is this witchcraft!'' a third exclaimed.

''The easiest way is to have only one set of sheets. never have to store the second set,'' another joked.

There have been quite a few things people have realised lately- one of them being what the codes on their eggs stand for.

After making the shocking discovery, one person decided to share the revelation to Reddit – and it's blowing people's minds.

Alongside an image which gives a breakdown of each code, the person wrote: "Well I never knew this about the 'Egg Code'".

The image notes that the first number indicates how the egg was farmed.

The detailed guide then goes on to say that 0=organic, 1= free range, 2=barn and 3=cage.

So this means that for the specific egg pictured, the red etching reveals the chicken was cage raised.

Next to that is the egg's country of origin, which in this instance was produced in the UK.

Then there's the farm ID, which is ""specific code denoting the actual farm where the eggs were produced."

Underneath this is the best before date, while the lion symbol means the egg has been produced within strict safety guidelines.

The post has been flooded with comments – with people admitting their minds have been blown.

"And neither did I until you shared this! Thank you!" enthused one.

A second noted: "To be fair most people probably won't look."

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A third penned: "I've always loved how the printing style makes it look like it was added by the chicken, as a very specific birth mark."

Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: "That's eggstraordinary detailed."

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