People congratulate me on my baby bump, but I’m not pregnant – they’re mortified when I tell them what’s really going on | The Sun

A WOMAN has opened up about how she’s constantly stopped in the street and congratulated on her pregnancy – but she’s not expecting. 

Instead, TikTok user Kate, whose profile is Kate & the boys aka @moretolovski, revealed she’s already mum to two-month-old identical baby triplets – something she has to tell people every time she’s asked.

Kate, who shares snippets of her family life and three sons on social media, revealed the situation has happened many times. 

Alongside a video of her walking, Kate, who welcomed her boys eight weeks before their due date, wrote: “That awkward moment when random strangers stop you on the street to congratulate you on your pregnancy.

“But you have to break it to them that you are in fact not pregnant but did just give birth to triplets.”

The mum added in the caption that the people are understandably mortified when they discover the mistake they have made, as she quipped: “Is this more awkward for me or them?”

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Kate’s followers were quick to comment as they told her they couldn’t believe people had the cheek to assume she was pregnant.

One wrote: “People are so rude. Also you don’t look pregnant at all!! You look gorgeous.”

A second said: “Why are people so comfortable commenting on our bodies. Just smile and say hi and keep walking.”

While a third added that she’d been in the exact same position, as she commented: “Happened to me too right after I had twins.”

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She added: “Never assume a woman is pregnant.”

Others were in agreement, as they told Kate they had very strict rules in place.

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One explained: “My rule is that unless I am literally seeing a baby come out of that woman and/ or she tells me, I’m not saying anything.”

To which Kate replied: “Mine too!”

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