People are only just realizing why their gas burners won’t light & it’s not because they’re broken | The Sun

HAVE you ever tried to light your gas burner and you notice it's clicking and you can smell gas but nothing happens?

An appliance repair expert has shared the simple solution to this common problem.

TikTok user Renae, known to her followers as Renduh, revealed that cleaning your burners can help prevent lighting issues.

She explained: "Any time I have a service call where the problem description is ‘burners not lighting,’ the very first thing I do is try to clean the burners for them."

Renae detailed how gas burners can be affected by the smallest of crumbs.

"Gas range burners are very finicky and if you have even the teeniest tiniest little bit of dirt on that burner, it’s not going to light," she told her followers.

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The TikToker added: "So if one of your burners isn’t lighting, clean it first before you assume it’s broken."

The appliance expert also advised her viewers to avoid using self clean on their ovens.

"Unless you have one of the steam clean functions, self clean is a no-go. Yes, it’s more convenient than cleaning it by hand but it gets so hot it can break the parts on your oven," Renae explained.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the tips.

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"I had a really nice stove in a condo I was renting, decided to use self clean, and it killed the oven. Owner had to replace entire stove," said one viewer.

Another person wrote: "I really appreciate your self cleaning warning! I saw you explain it around Thanksgiving or Christmas last year and was able to warn my parents not to [use self clean]."

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