People are horrified by my wedding shoes and slam them as ‘classless and gross’ but I know I made the best choice | The Sun

WHEN you think of wedding shoes, what immediately springs to mind?

For most people, it’s probably dainty heels in a neutral shade that perfectly complement a wedding dress. 

However, there’s a brand new trend that has emerged amongst brides when it comes to their footwear for their big day – and it’s totally divided opinion. 

Many blushing brides have chosen comfort over style and opted to wear a pair of Crocs during their ceremony and for the celebrations afterwards. 

And they’re not just any Crocs, as the special wedding day themed ones are tailor made and adorned with gems and bling.

Plus, they often feature unique wedding gems with words such as ‘wifey’ and ‘I do.’

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But what’s behind the sudden rise in brides wearing the famously comfortable, but rather unique, shoe? 

One newlywed opened up about the reason behind her decision to put her feet into the lightweight, breathable footwear.

She wrote: “I am not a heel person at all – Converse for the ceremony and crocs for the reception.”

While another hit back at traditionalists who claim the shoes in question are “classless” and “gross.”

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The woman wrote that she wanted to be comfortable all evening and that she “regrets nothing” about her decision.

However, the Crocs aren’t to everyone’s taste and have had some people up in arms. 

Many said they couldn’t believe brides would want to ruin their outfit by wearing them. 

And others slammed the shoes altogether, claiming they’re plain ugly.

One critic wrote: “That's the problem. People have no class anymore. No one dresses up, it's all about comfort.”

A second said: “'I hate few things in life but crocs are at the top of my list, and when coordinated with an outfit. Lord help me, I physically shudder.”

But others said it was up to the brides and their bridal party what they wore and wasn’t offending anyone else.

One person joined the ongoing debate as they typed online: “The appearance is not unpleasant and let's face it, dancing in heels is painful and challenging. 

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“One must be comfortable to enjoy such a wonderful and momentous day.”

Another added: “Comfortable happy feet means happy bridesmaids.”

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