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A BEAUTY influencer has revealed the truth behind her flawless look, and people have praised her for being so honest.

Miah Carter boasts 3.2 million followers on TikTok and mostly shares makeup tutorials and reviews.

Recently, the social media star candidly showed the reality of wearing a full face of makeup.

In the clip, she smiles showing off her flawless look, completed with dramatic pink eyeshadow and glossy lips.

"If you think your makeup is never perfect… dw [don't worry] no one's is," the text over the clip reads.

In the second half of the video, Miah takes the bright lights and filter off to show what her skin really looks like.


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And although the makeup still looks totally stunning, her skin has visible pores, blemishes and creases.

The beauty fan then turned the filer back on again to show what a huge difference it makes to her face, as well as how easy it is to create the illusion of perfection.

"Don't compare your makeup skills to filters baby girl," she captioned the clip.

The video racked up 25.5 million views on TikTok, and other women flooded the comment section thanking Miah for being so honest about the filters.

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One said: "I love this, the honesty there's so many filters and lighting when it comes to makeup now the truth is no ones face is that smooth."

A second agreed: "Omg thank you I thought something was wrong with me with the way makeup was siting on my skin, this make me feel so much better knowing its normal."

"I genuinely thought I was doing it wrong, but if everyone looks like this I feel so much better about makeup," another wrote.

And someone else commented: "So refreshing to see someone be this real on here! And you look beautiful both with and without the filter on."

But not everyone agreed their makeup looks so cakey, one said: "Idk mine is hella smooth do y’all use a good moisturiser, sunscreen, and primer?"

"Mine never creases that bad just work on your base more," another slammed.

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