Paris, Milan Fashion Weeks Generated EMV Totaling 76.3M Euros

MILAN — Despite the pandemic, the uncertainties, the social distancing and the travel restrictions, the spring 2021 fashion weeks closed successfully in terms of visibility and social reach.

DMR Group, which focuses on monitoring, tracking and analyzing data, communication activities and public relations strategies for leading brands worldwide, analyzed the media impact of the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, studying the use of the keywords and official hashtags, including #NYFW, #LFW, #MFW and #PFW, among others. DMR Group analyzed more than 4,500 magazines and daily newspapers and more than 100,000 web sites and 25,000 social accounts.

On Monday, DMR revealed that the four fashion weeks generated a combined earned media value of more than 89.16 million euros.

Based on the the media mix, Paris Fashion Week generated an earned media value of 40.9 million euros, followed by Milan with 35.4 million euros. Separately, Italy’s Camera della Moda said Monday that the latter represented a 352 percent growth on the web and on social media compared to the city’s Digital Fashion Week last July.

New York Fashion Week generated an earned media value of 6.6 million euros, followed by London Fashion Week with 6 million euros.

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In terms of print, DMR considered a panel of 50 national dailies in 16 key countries. Milan Fashion Week was the most supported by print in terms of coverage. The country dedicated the biggest number of editorial pages to all fashion weeks with 41.23 pages, followed by the U.K. (16.21) and France (11.49).

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Italian dailies were the ones that gave the most visibility to the Paris shows, devoting 39.5 percent of its pages to Paris Fashion Week.

On the web, Paris had the most visibility with an earned media value of 9.3 million euros. Milan followed with 8.1 million euros.

In this case, the country that dedicated the highest number of articles to the fashion weeks was the U.S. with 2,497, followed by the U.K. (1,361) and Italy (1,251).

On social media, Paris Fashion Week dominated thanks to its reach, stated DMR, the “fruit of the official hashtags from a number of major brands that have contributed to the impact of the event on social media.”

The brands present in Paris and Milan confirmed their relevance in generating visibility. In Milan they represented 68 percent of the total value on social networks and in the French capital they reached 80 percent of the total.

On social media, Paris Fashion Week generated an earned media value of 27.9 million euros, followed by Milan with 20 million euros and New York with 2. 7 million euros. London trailed with 1.1 million euros.

DMR also ranked top celebrities and influencers, naming Camila Coelho in New York, with two posts reaching almost 4.5 million people and an earned media value of 146,190 euros; Victoria Beckham in London with two posts, reaching 3.4 million people and an earned media value of 111,085 euros. In Milan, Chiara Ferragni, with six posts, reaching 16.6 million people, with earned media value of 542,425 euros. This despite the fact that Ferragni, who would reveal shortly after that she was expecting her second child, did not attend the shows, but supported Milan Fashion Week and Italian brands by wearing a number of designer looks for free, from Alberta Ferretti to Fendi. In Paris, stylist and model Leonie Hanne emerged as the top influencer with 11 posts that reached 13.5 million people with an earned media value of 441,224 euros.

By post, in Milan Irina Shayk reached almost 8 million people, photographed in a cheeky pose with Karen Elson and Mariacarla Boscono. In Paris, German fitness influencer Pamela Reif, sporting a top showing her toned abs, shorts and thigh-high boots, the Eiffel Tower in the background, reached more than 5 million people. In New York, Coelho reached more than 4.1 million people and in London Victoria Beckham reached 2.5 million people.

The Italian Camera della Moda said that the Milan Fashion Week platform totaled more than 43.1 million plays in the streaming channel alone. directly generated 516,227 visualizations.

Carlo Capasa, president of the fashion association, expressed his satisfaction in succeeding to hold 22 physical shows, 62 physical presentations, and 41 digital shows at Milan Fashion Week. “I imagine a future with a return to the emotion of the shows, with a new awareness that digital is an essential tool to amplify our messages and create bridges,” he said.

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