Parfums Christian Dior Teams With Paris Art School

DIOR’S NEW CHAIR: Parfums Christian Dior is collaborating with Paris’ École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts on the creation of a new chair, named “Inhabiting the Landscape — Where Art Meets the Living World.”

Art historian Estelle Zhong Mengual will hold the chair, and her class will begin on Oct. 19.

The course was started by the director of Beaux-Arts de Paris, Jean de Loisy and Christian Dior Parfums “to help support students wishing to enter a creative area linked to nature and the living world, which is important for the house of Dior, itself rooted in the Normandy and Grasse countryside,” Dior said in a statement, referring to two locales where Christian Dior had lived.

“This educational program invites students to inhabit the landscape and create not only on the land but with it, and to imagine how their works can be woven into geology, history and myriad living beings who build and populate a place,” according to Dior.

The course will hold conferences and talks, as well, with philosophers, scientists and international artists.

There is to be a competition and at the end of this school year, one student will be awarded La Colle Noire Dior Award, which takes its name from the domain that was the fashion designer’s last home. The jury selecting the winner will be presided over by artist Giuseppe Penone.

The chosen project will be shown in the Beaux-Arts’ chapel in spring 2021, with models by about 12 students from the course. Then it is to be displayed permanently on La Colle Noire’s grounds, starting in late summer 2021.

Parfums Christian Dior will maintain the chair for three years.

Christian Dior himself had a strong link to the arts, having been a gallery owner before becoming a designer and perfume-maker.

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