Nail tech shares picture of her latest manicure but everyone’s saying it looks like an infection waiting to happen

A NAIL tech has stunned TikTok viewers by revealing a look at her latest manicure – which people said looks like an infection waiting to happen.

The woman showed her customer's hands with her new nails on full display, but it was the cuticles – or lack thereof – that shocked people the most.

In the clip, the cuticles had been pushed down so far that they were halfway down the top of her fingertip.

A large roll of skin could be seen underneath the nail, on the finger, before the nails were shown once they'd been finished.

In a look at the manicure once it had been finished, the skin around and underneath the nail looked red raw.

"It looks good but that’s definitely asking for an infection," one person commented on the video, while another agreed, writing: "I think THAT could lead to infections."

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"omg imagine what that will look like once it starts healing not to mention the infections you can cause," someone else commented.

"She got 3rd degree burn from a nail clipper," another added.

"Imagine how painful it would be to touch literally anything," a third wrote.

"You are supposed to take off the dead skin not the entire finger skin," another comment read.

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"Imagine dipping your hand in a packet of salt and vinegar," someone else wrote.

As another person added: "imagine putting on hand sanitiser!"

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