My son's bride says my wedding guest dress is 'too sexy' for my age, I'm refusing to go over 'ugly' outfit she picked | The Sun

A MOTHER has vented her fury after being told the outfit she bought isn’t appropriate for her son’s wedding. 

The 44-year-old woman confessed that she’s considering not going to the nuptials because the bride wants her to wear an “ugly” pantsuit that she claims is more suitable for a mom her age. 

She penned a lengthy post on Reddit explaining that her future daughter-in-law thinks her style of dressing is too “sexy.”

The mom wrote: “My son, 23, and his fiancee, 23, are getting married in early September. 

“I was assigned ‘coral’ as my color, and picked out a fancy Calvin Klein dress in coral. It's called the Starburst dress and it's a satin-type material. 

“She wanted me to try it on the other day and has now decided it's not motherly enough and wants me to wear this ugly chiffon pantsuit. 

“I told her I'm fine with what I got, and I'm not sure precisely what the issue is with my dress. 

“I offered to wear a shawl if my shoulders showing is the issue, but she said no it's too 'sexy' period, and I need to look like a mother and dress my age. 

“I told her she was being ridiculous and I would rather just not go.

"Now she is all mad and my son is upset and trying to mediate. AITA [am I the a**hole]?”

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She shared a link to the floral chiffon mother-of-the-bride pantsuit from Cicinia. The flowing coral-colored dress costs $129. 

A Google search reveals the Calvin Klein dress she had hoped to wear is sleeveless and sits just above the knees. The pencil-style dress costs $182.

A stream of commenters argued the bride was wrong to say the mom should wear a different outfit because of her age.

One person commented: “I just googled the Calvin Klein dress and I don’t see what the issue with that dress is. It’s not white, it’s not bridal and it’s not overly revealing.

“NTA [not the a**hole].

"Your future DIL’s comment about dressing your age is frankly ridiculous it’s not like you’re trying to show up in hot pants and a crop top.

“That pantsuit is honestly horrid. What did you do that she’s trying to punish you like that?!”

Another wrote: “40 year old here. I'd rather jump from a cliff than wear that ugly pantsuit thing. 

“Who even designed that? No matter the age, it's just ugly.

“I really don’t know, what the bride's problem is, but it's most likely rooted in her own insecurity. 

“I'd talk to your son about it. try to make a step towards her, but also make clear that you won't wear that pink thing.”

A third penned: “NTA [not the a**hole]. Tell her she is practicing ageism! 

“I'm almost 70 and I would wear that Calvin Klein dress in a heartbeat. 

“You'd have to bury me in the chiffon to make me wear it and then I would come back and haunt you!”

A commenter tried to convince the mom that she should go ahead with wearing the outfit chosen by the bride, adding: “Girl, I say wear the damn pantsuit. 

“Get a ridiculously over-the-top hat to go with it as well. 


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“Then just lean into the ridiculousness of the outfit and own it with confidence. 

“You can tell everyone with a huge smile that your DIL chose it for you and then ask them if they don't love it. When they go low, we go lower.”

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