My son was decapitated during birth by a top NHS doc – I dream about what he'd be like now

A HEARTBROKEN mum whose son was decapitated in a botched delivery has movingly told how he would be five had he survived, adding “I wish I had the opportunity to make him giggle.”

Laura Gallazzi, 35, from Dundee, Scotland, was 25 weeks pregnant when she was rushed to theatre in Ninewells Hospital.

Laura revealed she felt a a sickening “pop” as gynaecologist Dr Vaishnavy Laxman, 43, pulled at her breech birth son’s legs during labour.

The baby's head was detached from his body during the horrific delivery, with his head still left in his mother's womb.

The first-time mum, who had been trying to get pregnant for a year with her partner Steven McCusker, was then forced to undergo a C-section to remove the head – which was sewn back on to the tragic tot's body so she could hold him and say goodbye.

Now, Laura has told had her boy, who she called Steven like his dad, survived he would have turned five last month and be at school.

In an exclusive interview with Fabulous Digital, Laura told how she thought of her boy constantly – but sadly felt unable, both physically and mentally, to carry another child.

She said: “My baby would have been a little boy by now and would have been going to school this year – so this birthday was so hard because it's a milestone.

“What I hoped for my son is what every parent hopes for a healthy and happy child who full of love and mischief.

“Seeing other children can be tough at times because it makes me wonder if Steven was here what would he be like. I wonder what colour his eyes would have been.

“I would have loved to be teaching him, taking him for walks in the park, being silly, dressing up and playing pretend… the list goes on."

I would have loved to be teaching him, taking him for walks in the park, being silly, dressing up and playing pretend… the list goes on.

She continued: “Most of all, I wish I had the opportunity to make and hear him giggle. That would have been the sweetest sound to hear.”

She told how she sat and “daydreamed” about Steven – but instead was forced to confront the reality of his death.

She carries Steven’s ashes in a plush blue bear which she keeps at home.

Meanwhile, she is demanding legal rights for thousands of stillborn babies.

Because he didn’t live to take a breath, under Scottish law, Steven isn’t recognised as a “legal persona”.

Laura, previously speaking to The Sun, said: “How could he? He was decapitated.”

She revealed the 5,000-signature target she set to get Steven and other stillborn babies recognised as legal people on what would have been little Steven's fifth birthday has been "smashed".

The ex-carer said: "The love and support is overwhelming.

“I am so touched that people have smashed the target I set to mark my son’s birthday last month.”

However, Laura needs 10,000 names for Holyrood, Scotland’s Parliament, to discuss the bid.

She added: “I just hope the momentum keeps going – if we can only double it then government can discuss my proposal.

“I should be tearing my hair out about trying to find that perfect lunch box donning his favourite cartoon character and fitting him for a school uniform – not fighting with the Scottish Government for his acknowledgement of even existing as a human being.”

And she admitted: “It doesn't any easier as the years go on.”

After the 2014 tragedy, Dr Laxman was cleared of misconduct by a General Medical Council hearing in May.

Steven had been stuck in the breech position and as the medic tugged at his legs to try and get him out — instead of performing a C-section — his head broke off in Laura’s womb.

Two other doctors did then carry out a C-section — but only to recover the baby’s head.

Gerard Boyle QC, who represented her, did not respond to requests for comment.

Dr Laxman, now working in Chennai, India, could not be reached for comment.

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