My nightmare neighbour spent 6 hours in our garden & left a creepy note – I called the police, why can’t she be normal? | The Sun

A WOMAN claims her creepy neighbour invaded her garden and was such a nightmare she had to call the police, but no one knows if she’s telling the truth. 

The American homeowner posted a long rant online, sharing every shred of gossip about the ‘insane’ lady next door. 

“I’m currently waiting for a cop to show up at my house,” she reveals to the camera, describing the ‘Karen of all Karens’ who ruined her day.

“I’ve lived in this house for three years and I’ve never spoken to this woman. Though there have been lots of red flags,” she claims. 

“Yesterday my husband and I left for work early. I left the house at around 6.45am. 

“After that, this woman came into our front yard and plucked weeds for six hours. We have it on tape.”

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The lady then alleges that the neighbour left an aggressive note with a threat in it on her front door. 

Reading the letter out loud, she says: “‘I need to speak to you ASAP, don’t make me look for you’.”

The lady stayed put until her husband came home, who, she alleges, tried to calm the neighbour down. 

“My husband thinks this woman might be trying to invite us to dinner,” she laughs.

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“When he gets home, this woman stands in front of our house. 

“When she starts aggressively screaming, I go outside and am ready to fight.

“Her claim is that about three years ago, right after we moved in, she had a brief conversation with my husband where he mentioned that he didn’t really like to use weed killer because of all the chemicals. 

“He didn’t recall this conversation at all. 

“Her claim is that, based on that talk, he should’ve known that she didn’t like the weeds, even though she never actually said that to him or asked him to do anything at all.”

Her rant continues, alleging that the ‘nightmare’ neighbour is ‘insane and irate’. 

“This woman’s acting like Mother Theresa because she spent all day pulling weeds out of our yard – which was freshly mown, by the way,” she adds.

“This woman is insane and irate. 

“I told her, if you’d have come to our house and said something nicely, my husband would’ve been so stressed about it that he’d have stayed up all night trying to get rid of them.

“After 20 minutes, she eventually calmed down, called herself a ‘good woman’ and went back inside.”

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Whether her tale is true or false, it’s definitely a wild one.  

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