My nan taught me the secret to frizz-free hair – it makes me feel sick but the mayo and egg combo really works | The Sun

A BEAUTY whizz has shared her unusual hair mask recipe, which she swears leaves her with glowing, frizz-free tresses. 

Those with wavy or curly hair know the struggle of fighting the frizz to get definition and volume in their mane. 

Now, it appears one woman, from Texas, has found the perfect way to get the hair of dreams, but it includes a few unconventional ingredients. 

Posing in front of a camera with her hair in a white plastic bag, she told viewers: “Me forcing myself to put Mayo, 1 raw egg, aloe Vera, white rice, oatmeal and half a banana as a hair mask,” [sic] alongside a sick emoji. 

@lifegamer03 explained that the recipe was passed down from her grandmother and it always worked wonders. 

She shared: “Bc when my grandma used to do it to me as a kid I had the longest, silkiest, frizz free hair evaaaa”. [sic] 


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The woman added in the caption: “The mayo smell is what gets me,” alongside a sick emoji.

“We only had the oatmeal, egg and mayo growing up but the banana helps mask the mayo…

“Hair do be frizz free and silky after tho”. [sic] 

She then posted a step-by-step guide on how to make the hair mask. 

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Placing two bowls in front of her, she told viewers to put oatmeal and white rice in one of them with water. 

While that sits to one side, she instructed people to place half a banana, one egg, and one teaspoon of Aloe Vera. 

“With the mayo, it really depends on how long and how thick it is,” she added. 

@lifegamer03 then mashed it all up before placing it into a blender. Adding the strained water from the oatmeal and rice mixture, she then mixed it all together to make a creamy consistency. 

She then massaged it all into her scalp and put it up into a clip. Once done, she let it sit and washed it all out with cold water. 

“Wash and repeat,” she added as the video came to an end. 

Showing off the results, viewers saw how smooth and straight her mane appeared to be as a result of her method. 

Clearly impressed, one person asked: “how many  times a week/month do you do this,” to which she replied: “2 times a months or every 3 weeks”. [sic] 

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“My mom used to do these for me and the smell would make me feel sickkkkk lmaoo,” another person shared. 

A third quizzed: “So you do it twice?” to which the woman replied: “You wash it twice,” clarifying the final step. 

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