My mother-in-law thinks I'm overweight so sent an INVOICE to my husband after I accidentally broke a chair at her house | The Sun

A WOMAN whose mother-in-law constantly makes disparaging remarks about her weight was left fuming when she sent her husband an invoice for a chair she accidentally broke.

The woman took to Reddit's Am I The Asshole? page to explain the situation, revealing that her mother-in-law has been a "complete nutcase" towards her because she doesn't want kids.

"When my husband is not around she will make disparaging remarks about my weight even though my BMI is healthy, how my husband earns way more money than I do (when I met him I earned more) and the fact that I’m on anti-depressants for a diagnosed mental illness," she wrote.

"I have tried to set boundaries with her in the past but this has not worked."

This week, the woman and her husband went over to her mother-in-law's for a birthday celebration.

"I sat on an outside chair (which I believe was already weather damaged) and it cracked," she said.

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"I apologised profusely saying it was an accident and everyone said it’s fine I mustn’t worry about it."

But after the birthday bash, the mother-in-law sent her son a £164 invoice for the chair.

"She did not send the invoice to me because she didn’t think I could afford to replace her words 'not cheap' chair," she continued.

After sleeping on the matter, the woman sent a "diplomatic message" to her mother-in-law saying that she won't be going to her house any more "because I’m afraid I’ll break more expensive things".

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"I told her my husband is a grown man and is free to go as he wishes and I will not prevent him from seeing her but I have had enough with all her antics," she wrote.

"This has now turned in a whole family drama.

"So Am I the Asshole for refusing to go to her house in the future?"

The overwhelming majority of people in the comments section insisted the woman was not in the wrong, however.

"Chairs are meant to be sat on," one wrote.

"If you're not doing something silly with the chair and just sitting on it and it breaks then clearly the chair was already failing.

"This wasn't an accident caused by you – it was an accident in the making caused by your mother-in-law having a faulty chair.

"She should be apologising to you!"

"If someone sat on a chair at my house and it broke, I would be so embarrassed!" another commented.

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"And I would be apologising to them profusely.

"Even if they were super obese or something, I wouldn’t dream of asking them to pay me for the chair unless they like kicked it or purposefully inflicted damage or something."

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