My husband ruined our wedding day when he decided to make jokes about my appearance and make-up in front of everyone | The Sun

USUALLY brides expect to receive plenty of compliments on their big day, especially from their groom.

However this wasn’t the case for one rather upset bride, whose new husband decided to use his speech as an opportunity to joke about her appearance.

Taking to Reddit the anonymous bride wanted to ask others if she was overreacting or if she was right and her new husband had crossed a line.

“I'm prefacing this by saying that I (F30) always struggled with self esteem. I'm an introvert, anxious, socially awkward type of person which makes it worse,” she begins.

“I got introduced to make up during my late 20s and it's now become both a source of income & a source of self confidence and esteem. 

“My now husband always teased me about it, mind you he's a jokester and is a bit on the sarcastic – brutally honest side. I didn't have an issue as long as it was done privately, meaning private teasing.”


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When it came to her wedding look, the bride says she went a bit “out of the box” when it came to her makeup, but it still matched her overall look and looked good.

Continuing, she writes: “My husband didn't stop commenting on it during the wedding. I was beginning to get annoyed but when it was time for his groom's speech.

“He looked at me and then said ‘..and my wife here who looks like a department store mannequin with that makeup on her face..’" I was dumbfounded. Guests started laughing at me loosely. I felt so much rage I didn't know how to contain it.”

Waiting till she was alone with him and his parents, she says she went off at him, only for him to respond that it was just a joke and that she’s overreacting.

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“He insisted I blew this out of proportion and ruined ‘the atmosphere’ of the wedding as well as humiliated him in front of his parents when I scolded him like he was a kid,” she writes.

“He sulked about it for 3 days then told me that I needed to apologise for this negative vibe I brought upon him and for reacting so insanely over a joke.”

Commenters on the thread were quick to side with the bride, with one writing: “He has the emotional intelligence of a soggy cloth.

“Making fun of his new bride in front of all her friends and family is just peak stupidity, as well as just being cruel. Even if you didn’t have self esteem issues and anxiety that would’ve been a dumb move.”

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Another argued: “It is never appropriate to roast your spouse at the wedding. Unless you both agreed on doing a roast, obviously. But you didn't. That was way out of line.”

“That wasn't a joke. He straight up insulted you. Even what you call private teasing is him insulting you. He has no issue with insulting and making fun of his wife in front of tons of people, and it probably wont ever stop. I'd be divorcing him fast,” argued a third.

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