My husband isn't talking to me after I changed the loo seat in the family bathroom – he says I've 'ruined the toilet' | The Sun

WHEN it comes to toilet rows, it's usually that the seat has been left up, or there's a mess on the floor.

But one mum was left flabbergasted when she changed the seat in the family bathroom – only for her husband to accuse her of "ruining the toilet".

The woman took to Mumsnet to share a snap of the seat in question, as she asked if she was missing something as to why her spouse was so angry that he wasn't even talking to her.

"Husband not talking to me over a toilet seat change" she titled the post, before explaining: "We have a 3 year old who has been potty training for the last few months.

"We were using the removable put on and off toilet toddler plastic inserts.

"It was just a faff putting it on and off, storing it, my toddler trying to put her hands all over it … but also it was bright green which is fine, but it just didn't go with the downstairs loo.

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"I bought this 3-in-1 family loo seat, I think it's genius. It's neat, tidy, and I think it's great."

Continuing to explain that her husband said the seat is "out of place", she wrote: "My husband is in an awful mood about it because he thinks it looks out of place, doesn't look like it fits properly and thinks it's awful.

"I said get over it, it's a toilet seat but he's taking it really seriously.

"(He said) I don't listen to him and I've ruined the toilet.

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"Am I seeing something else? Does it look awful?"

While the majority of people agreed with the husband that the toilet seat wasn't ideal for the loo, they wrote that the solution wouldn't be forever – just until the child was toilet trained.

"It doesn't quite fit the shape of your loo and it's pretty ugly, and not ideal for guests and possibly over-engineered since you already have a solution," one wrote.

"But it's only temporary until your child is toilet trained, and is more hygienic than one that gets lifted in and out and left on the floor."

While another added: "I think it looks fine and it won’t be forever.

"Is he one of these that likes to sit on the toilet for 20+ minutes?

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"Maybe you've messed with his happy place."

And someone else agreed, writing: "I think it looks really uncomfortable, but presumably it's a short-term thing, and he's the one acting like an idiot if he's actually not talking to you because of it."

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