My hubby paid £10k for two mummy makeovers – I guzzled energy drinks & ate pizza for breakfast, now I’m unrecognisable | The Sun

A WOMAN who guzzled energy drinks daily and ate pizza for breakfast has shed 7st after her husband paid for weight loss surgery.

Dilay Acur, 28, spent £10k on her dream body undergoing two "mummy makeovers" to feel herself again.

The Australian mum-of-three lost 7st after getting a gastric sleeve fitted, but was left with excess skin so decided to jet to Turkey to go under the knife again.

Dilay was desperate to change her life after her uncontrollable eating saw her munching a margarita pizza for breakfast and led to her ballooning to 15st 7lbs.

She says fortunately, her husband was able to fork out £6,000 for weight loss surgery as her unhappiness left them in a "make or break" situation.

To complete her transformation, she then flew to Turkey for plastic surgery where she underwent a £3,600 mummy makeover, which included a breast lift and implants, liposuction, and a tummy tuck.


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Dilay said: "I was always slim up until my first pregnancy, and from then on, the weight just began creeping up on me until I eventually reached my heaviest weight of 15st 7lbs.

"I wasn't looking after myself – I was focused on my kids and my health was all over the place.

"I can't believe the state I got myself into from just overeating. I had no one or nothing else to blame but myself.

"I was eating chocolate and junk food all the time. I was constantly drinking energy drinks too because I was always tired.

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Dilay got a gastric sleeve fitted and and had her final baby before going back in for her second mummy makeoverCredit: Caters
Dilay lost 7st but was left with lots of sagging skinCredit: Caters

"If I didn't have bread in the house to make toast for my breakfast, I'd go to the shop and end up walking out with garlic bread or a margarita pizza for my breakfast.

"I was morbidly obese and knew I needed to do something to sort myself out, and after speaking with doctors, they recommended weight loss surgery to me.

"I spoke with a surgeon, and within three weeks, I'd had gastric sleeve surgery.

"I couldn't have done it without my husband because he said he didn't care how much the surgery cost, he was going to pay for it. He was also feeling my unhappiness and it was make or break for us because of how unhappy and low I felt."

Dilay dropped over 6st in three months after having 75 percent of her stomach removed and working out six days a week.

After stabilising her weight, Dilay and her husband decided they would try for their third and final child before she went ahead with any further surgery to complete her transformation.

She said: "I fell pregnant in 2021, a year after my weight loss surgery, and gave birth in April 2022 to my baby boy.

"It was a good pregnancy, but before he had even turned one, I'd started looking into surgeons for mummy makeovers.

"I was done with kids after being blessed with our three healthy children. It was time to focus on my body again.

"I had excess skin on my stomach, and my boobs were saggy. They were just like skin and nipples.

"I'm Turkish, and we go to Turkey for a couple of months every year to see family, so I decided I would have my surgery in Turkey this summer as it was also cheaper.

"I wasn't nervous to have plastic surgery. I was so ready for it and excited.

"I knew I was healthy enough now to make it through the surgery and not die on the operating table. I just couldn't wait to see my results.

Dilay’s diet shift


BREAKFAST: Margarita pizza

LUNCH: Can of energy drink

DINNER: McDonald's – McChicken sandwich, chicken nuggets and fries, or a large Big Mac meal with a cheeseburger

SNACKS: Chocolate, crisps, caramel popcorn, sweets, cakes and more energy drinks


BREAKFAST: Cup of coffee with flavourless protein powder added

LUNCH: Toast with Vegemite

DINNER: Grilled chicken or prawns and vegetables

SNACKS: Light crackers with tomatoes, light cream cheese, and a banana

"It took four hours in total – I had a breast lift and implants, liposuction, and a tummy tuck.

"I'm now six weeks post-op and feeling incredible. I've got the body of my dreams and it is all I have ever wanted.

"Looking back at the state I was in in 2019 and 2020, I never would have imagined that I would ever look like this.

"I am over the moon and in love with my new body."

The NHS has some advice for anyone considering going abroad for medical treatment.

The website says: "If you're thinking about having medical treatment in another country, it's important to understand how it works and the risks involved.

"You should discuss your plans with a GP before making any final decisions about travel or medical arrangements."


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And the following should be considered before an "informed choice" is made:

  • Any language barriers
  • Whether you know enough about the people who'll treat you and the facilities available
  • Communication between medical staff abroad and in the UK, such as exchanging medical records and arranging aftercare back home
  • How to make a complaint if things go wrong – the NHS is not liable for negligence or failure of treatment

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