My grandmother hates the baby name we’ve chosen – now I’m not sure if I should listen to her | The Sun

PICKING a baby name is a huge responsibility that many parents threat over.

And one mum has had second thoughts over her chosen baby name after her grandmother said it was awful.

The anonymous mum-to-be took to Quora to voice her concerns about the name she had chosen for her daughter.

She revealed she wanted her daughter and her boyfriend to have names that started with the same initial.

But after settling on the name Miellah, she admitted to having second thoughts.

Her concerns began after she told her grandmother the name – and she was not impresses by it.


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The mum revealed: "I'm having a baby girl in may and I picked the name Miellah because my boyfriend's name starts with M and they have the same initials.

"But my grandmother is always making it a point that the name we chose is so god awful, should I care what she says?"

The mum asked users whether she should listen to her grandmother or stick to the name she had picked.

But users who commented on the post were divided – with some telling her to change the name and others saying she should stick to her guns.

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One wrote: "She's right: it is an awful name. First, how do you even pronounce it? Second, why do you want to saddle your daughter with such a difficult name? Third, there are lots of girls' names that start with M if you want her and your boyfriend to have the same initials. Pick an easier M name – May, Mary, Meghan, Melissa, Monica, Molly, Monique."

Another user commented: "Yes, you should care what she says. I don’t agree with her that the name is “god-awful,” but I do strongly urge you to choose a different name."

A third penned: "It’s your baby so tell her to MYOB but just for the record I think it’s terrible too but seen as it’s not my baby either I shall mind my own business too."

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Meanwhile a fourth added: "DO NOT second guessing yourself because of what someone you love said. You'll be on that rollercoaster a long time before you figure out how to get off. Your child you make the decisions about her."

"Your baby, your choice and no one else's cause no one else carried her for 9 months except you. Never forget that. You owe nobody nothing. Name your baby as you see fit," agreed another.

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