My grandma used to make an 'outdoor air conditioner' – I still use it when I'm having a party in the summer | The Sun

A HACK enthusiast has shared her grandmother's old trick to make an "outdoor air conditioner" that she still uses to this day.

She said it comes in handy when she has parties in the summer.

Anne Caserta (@_ceo_of_randomness) enjoys sharing tips online.

She is full of knowledge about the most random topics, whether it be related to home life or skincare.

In a TikTok video, she brought viewers into her home to share a hack that has been passed down through her family.

"Outdoor air conditioner for the summer. That's what my grandma used to make us," she said in a voiceover.

When the video began, she filmed her grandmother pouring a bag of ice cubes into a large bowl.

Next, she placed the large bowl on a table outside and put a standing fan next to it, so the breeze blew the cold air in that direction.

"We're having a party and we want to make it a little bit cooler outside," Anne added.

She shared a different way to keep cool during the hot weather.

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"Another trick you can do is take a wet towel and put it in the freezer," she explained.

Next, place the solid frozen item on the fan and it should keep the area cool.

There were conflicting opinions about how safe the air conditioning tricks were.

"Drip water onto a fan motor plugged into a wall.. what could go wrong," a viewer commented.

"My electrician husband says no to a wet washcloth that will drip onto the fan," another added.

A TikTok user bluntly wrote: "I think it's dangerous. Be safe."

"Love the ice cube hack. Definitely using the tea towels for cooling instantly around the house," a fan praised.

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