My friend wanted to give her triplets Harry Potter names…they were so ridiculous, now she admits she had baby brain

WHEN it comes to baby names, pregnant mums turn to many different sources for inspiration.

From social media forums to books and films, the options are endless.

And it turns out Harry Potter is no exception…

An anonymous woman, who is from the UK, took to Reddit and explained how one of her friends – who is a huge fan of the J.K Rowling franchise – was expecting triplets.

She penned: "She wanted her kids to be the 'Golden Trio' and name them Harry, Ronald, and Hermione, but figured that would draw too much attention to the fact they were Harry Potter names……

"So she decided on 'Yrrah', 'Dlanor', and 'Enoimreh' instead (each of these names backward). She was 100% serious."


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Horrified by the suggestion, the woman went on to explain how she wrote a story to show her pregnant friend how ridiculous the names sounded.

"I don't know if my story made any difference, but she (thankfully) decided on different names for her kids (still Harry Potter themed, but not nearly as bad)," she explained.

She then revealed her friend settled on the names Andromeda Jean, Dean Bilius, and Cedric James.

"The parents decided they liked the idea of each kid being named after someone from a different Hogwarts House – Andromeda was a Slytherin, Dean a Gryffindor, and Cedric a Hufflepuff," she continued.

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"The middle names are the middle names of Hermione, Ron, and Harry, which I think is much more preferable than actually naming them Hermione, Ron, and Harry."

The new mum has since encouraged her to share her story in case "other hormonal pregnant women might have the same ideas as her" – adding that she wants the story to serve as a warning.


And it wasn't long before social media users took to the comments section to praise the woman's intervention and for being a good friend.

"Congratulations. Your service to humanity has been noticed and appreciated," wrote one.

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A second penned: "What is it about Harry Potter fandom that rots people's brains? or fandom in general, honestly; why can't people like something without using their kids as a billboard for it?"

Meanwhile, a third added: "HONESTLY, it is ridiculous! I love Harry Potter, but my goodness, I don’t need it to be my whole personality, AND whyyyyy do people feel the need to use their kids as proof that they just love it so much."

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